Do Near-Retirees Now Need To Change Their Plans?

2020-03-14 17_24_08-brown wooden dock near calm body of water surrounded by trees photo – Free PierIt’s a question that could not be more relevant for those planning to retire in the near future than it is right now: Should you delay retirement in light of recent market volatility? The answer offered by the author of today’s article is “You probably should – but that’s not the whole story.” So what is the “whole story” on how much the retirement plans of near-retirees may need to change now? CLICK HERE.

Which Stocks Offer Retirees The Most Reliability?

2020-03-05 22_29_32-Photo Of An Old Woman · Free Stock PhotoWhat are the most reliable stocks for retirees? Today’s article seeks to answer this question by looking at two articles from Kiplinger, one featuring a “group of retirement stocks that includes both pure income plays and growth companies, with a focus on very-long-term performance and durability”, and a second highlighting 20 dividend stocks that “should fund at least 20 years of retirement, if not more. They have paid uninterrupted dividends for more than 20 consecutive years, appear to have secure payouts and have the potential to collectively grow… dividends to protect investors’ purchasing power.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Meet The New ‘Bonds’ For Retirement

2020-02-20 23_21_23-Trees in Park · Free Stock PhotoWith longer life expectancies and lower interest rates, among other factors, the traditional 60/40 portfolio “just won’t be able to cut it anymore”, according to some financial experts. Instead, greater allocations to equities will be needed – and dividend stocks will become the new bonds for retirement. One place investors can look for higher yields for their retirement portfolios? Business Development Companies, which are averaging annual yields of nearly 10%. For more, CLICK HERE.

What Type Of Retirement Saver Are You?

2020-02-03 20_41_45-WindowThe author of today’s article outlines five types of retirement savers. Which type are you – and what does that mean for your retirement savings? What about those who can’t or don’t save at all for retirement? What five circumstantial variables does the author identify as generally having “the biggest impact on your retirement savings” – and how can you use those variables to your advantage, especially if you’re behind on your retirement savings? For more, CLICK HERE.

Will Stocks Be Able To Do “The Heavy Lifting Of Funding Your Retirement”?

2020-01-30 19_04_26-Black Kettle Bell Lot · Free Stock PhotoIn the current era of low rates, the author of today’s article notes that “Stocks will have to do the heavy lifting of funding your retirement”. But will they be able to do so – or will unexpectedly low returns put you at risk of running out of money during your retirement? The author looks at what the most reliable indicators suggest about equity returns over the next decade – and what they suggest “is very sobering indeed”. For more, CLICK HERE.

Helping Diligent Retirement Savers “Flip The Switch” From Saving To Spending

2020-01-23 09_04_53-Green Ceramic Mug on Person's Feet · Free Stock PhotoMost Americans are not saving sufficiently for retirement. But even those who have been diligent retirement savers during their working years may encounter difficulties when they reach retirement, with the author of today’s article cautioning that many in this financially fortunate group “find it hard to flip the switch from saving to spending.” For his advice on how ardent retirement savers can make it easier to start “opening the spigot” on their savings, CLICK HERE.

The Good News – And The Bad News – About SECURE Retirements

2020-01-18 18_29_01-white Good News Is Coming paper on wall photo – Free Sticker Image on UnsplashMost of the provisions of the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act go into effect this year, and the author of today’s article points out that a number of the SECURE Act’s provisions are relevant to those who are not yet even at or near retirement. Noting that “They can have a profound effect on the way we all save for retirement”, the author outlines the major takeaways from the SECURE Act, starting with some bad news. For more, CLICK HERE.

Navigating The World Of High-Yield ETFs

2020-01-14 21_03_23-WindowHigh-yield exchange-traded funds can be attractive to retirees seeking current income or to any investor seeking diversification. However, the author of today’s article reminds us that “handsome yields always come with a cost in either higher risk or diminished growth” – and so, in order to help navigate the world of high-yield ETFs, he highlights what he sees as the best high-yield funds from seven different categories, including high-yield domestic stock funds, junk bond funds and preferred stock funds. For more, CLICK HERE.