Income, Growth & Diversification: 3 ETFs To Consider For Retirement

2017-07-15 20_16_26-Free stock photo of bank, cash, commerceSteady income, conservative growth and diversification are the key offerings of the three exchange-traded funds for retirement highlighted in today’s article. The first ETF is a defensive dividend play, the second offers the prospect of conservative growth through broad exposure to the tech and telecom industries, and the third – a real-estate investment trust ETF – offers diversification thanks to real estate’s low correlation to the stock market. To find out what these three ETFs are and learn more about them, CLICK HERE.

How Real Estate, Latin America – And Beer! – Can Pay Dividends For Your Retirement

2017-07-10 09_55_34-Free stock photo of hands, macro, plantHow can real estate, Latin America and beer help fund your retirement? Through dividends! Today’s article highlights three dividend-paying stocks – a real-estate investment trust that has increased its dividend for more than 27 consecutive years, a beer maker that analysts expect will continue to grow earnings by at least 15% annually for the next five years, and a Latin American e-commerce specialist that – while offering a paltry yield right now – is positioned for substantial growth (and has the free cash flow to increase its payout seven-fold right now). To find out what these three stocks are, CLICK HERE.

Golden Years In A Low-Yield World: Assessing The Income Options

2016-10-13 09_34_03-Films & TVIn the current low-rate environment, “generating steady retirement income has never been harder,” declares the author of today’s article. Moreover, the author cautions that yields could just as likely go lower from here as higher. As such, he proceeds to discuss “eight popular sources of retirement income, ranging from dividend stocks to bonds to real estate to annuities, what current rates are for market leading products and the pros and cons of each approach.” For the author’s overview of each of these sources of retirement income – including the one he argues consumers are often too quick to dismiss – CLICK HERE.

Real Estate Investing For Retirees: The Crowdfunding Option

2016-08-29 06_54_35-New notificationThe demands associated with house-flipping or being a landlord are probably not something that most retirees want to deal with in their golden years, but there is a real-estate investment option – one that is growing in popularity – that may be particularly retiree-friendly, and it is the subject of today’s article: real estate crowdfunding. The author outlines the advantages this alternative real estate investment offers investors in general (and retirees specifically), as well as potential drawbacks that retirees should be aware of if they are considering venturing into the real estate crowdfunding arena. To read more, CLICK HERE.

Going Solo: Preparing For The New Real Estate Sector

2016-06-05 18_18_03-New notificationAfter cohabitating with the financial sector, real estate is moving into its own place later this year – becoming its own sector in the S&P 500 and MSCI equity indexes – and, as today’s article highlights, this move is expected to increase the profile and appeal of real estate investment trusts among investors. Here’s what Barron’s has to say: “Separating real estate from financials will draw attention to REITs’ distinct portfolio dynamics: The trusts are income-oriented and offer higher dividend yields….” The article proceeds to highlight five REITs to consider in advance of this change. To see what these five REITs are, and to read more about what experts expect from this new solo sector, CLICK HERE.

Making Some Green From A Graying Population

2016-05-15 20_41_31-New notificationSure, you know that people around the world are living longer, but do you know how to make money off this “global aging megatrend”? Today’s article highlights a recent report on this unprecedented demographic shift and its investment implications. What potentially lucrative investment opportunities exist in the areas of real estate and health care & technology, and how can you get in on the action (including specific REITs and ETFs)? What is the new Aging Population ETF that is in the works? CLICK HERE to read more.