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Exchange-Traded Funds

long-term ETFs

7 Best Long-Term ETFs To Buy And Hold

These long-term ETFs offer diversification and a low-maintenance strategy. In 2022, it can be hard to keep up with all the volatility in individual stocks. Thankfully, a lot of research shows that “active management” that involves trading in and out of positions frequently can often cause more harm than good. In fact, about 60% of active managers underperformed the S&P… 

tech stocks

7 Best Tech ETFs To Buy For 2022

These exchange-traded funds offer effective exposure to technology stocks. Thanks to inflationary pressures and the unique dynamics of the marketplace in 2021, the leading stocks on Wall Street this year have been largely energy-related stocks. However, when most investors think about growth opportunities, they typically think about Big Tech as exemplary of a dynamic group of stocks with a ton of… 

These Marijuana Stocks Are Analysts’ Favorites

While the best way to ride the marijuana legalization wave may be through exchange-traded funds, for those interested in specific stock ideas, which marijuana stocks are analysts’ favorites? Today’s article sifts through the holdings of the six largest marijuana ETFs to identify them. For a list of these marijuana stocks and their respective upside potential, CLICK HERE.

Presidential Elections And Buying The Biotech Dip

What’s behind biotech’s recent underperformance? One important factor may be the impending presidential election – and as one exchange-traded fund strategist cited in today’s article explains, “…if history repeats, this pullback may represent an attractive buying opportunity.” What does the history of biotech’s performance leading up to and following presidential elections suggest about buying the biotech dip? CLICK HERE.

The Good News – And The Bad News – About Fees And Your Retirement Savings

The good news regarding mutual and exchange-traded fund fees? Last year saw the biggest one-year decline in fees and several major fund companies have been competitively lowering their fees (with one now even offering index funds without any management fees). The bad news, according to today’s article, “is that many investors don’t realize how much they’re paying in fund fees… 

ETFs Aren’t Booming Among Boomers. Is That Generation Making A Mistake?

Exchange-traded funds may have exploded in popularity over the last few years, but that surge in popularity has varied greatly by generation. Today’s article notes that boomers have not embraced ETFs to the extent that millennials – or even the oldest generation of investors – have, with one study finding that only 27% of boomers aged 52 to 70 with… 

ETF Your Way To Retirement With These Strategies

Whether you are still young and have high risk tolerance, are middle-aged with moderate risk tolerance, or are at retirement and need reliable income, today’s article seeks to answer the following question: “How can you buy ETFs to build a comprehensive, long-term retirement portfolio?” For each of the aforementioned life stages, the author outlines the types of core – and… 

The Income Investor’s Conundrum: Buy Individual Dividend Stocks Or A Dividend ETF?

Which is the better choice for retirees (or any other income investor): building a portfolio of individual dividend stocks or buying a dividend exchange-traded fund? The author of today’s article argues that, “while total return is certainly a very important consideration, there are a number of other factors that can swing the decision one way or the other” – and…