MAGA: “Making Annuities Great Again”

2020-02-05 21_58_27-Low Angle Photography of Gray Concrete Building Under Blue Sky · Free Stock PhotJust as the Trump MAGA (“Make America Great Again”) slogan is polarizing, so too are annuities. In fact, the author of today’s article observes that “the very financial tool that could save someone’s retirement journey so that they have income for life is the very tool that many hate.” Given the fear so many Americans have of running out of money in retirement, and the potential of annuities to eliminate that concern, the author outlines what you need to know about annuities “so you can make annuities great again.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Helping Diligent Retirement Savers “Flip The Switch” From Saving To Spending

2020-01-23 09_04_53-Green Ceramic Mug on Person's Feet · Free Stock PhotoMost Americans are not saving sufficiently for retirement. But even those who have been diligent retirement savers during their working years may encounter difficulties when they reach retirement, with the author of today’s article cautioning that many in this financially fortunate group “find it hard to flip the switch from saving to spending.” For his advice on how ardent retirement savers can make it easier to start “opening the spigot” on their savings, CLICK HERE.

The 50 States Of Retirement

2020-01-10 22_06_43-Person Holding Magnifying Glass · Free Stock PhotoAmericans could require savings of anywhere from $666,000 to $2 million to retire, according to a recently released analysis. The key factor underlying this wide range? The state in which one chooses to retire, with the $666,000 figure representing the amount potentially needed to retire in Mississippi (the cheapest state to retire in) based on the estimated average annual expenditure of a typical retired person outside of Social Security checks, and the $2 million figure representing the same amount for Hawaii (the most expensive state to retire in). What about the state you plan to retire in? CLICK HERE.

The SECURE Act Isn’t The Only Major Change To Retirement Saving This Year

2020-01-05 21_23_02-Silver Imac Displaying Line Graph Placed on Desk · Free Stock PhotoThe SECURE Act, which went into effect on January 1st, will change the way workers save for retirement, the way retirees spend down their retirement savings, and the way beneficiaries will receive money from inherited retirement accounts. But the various provisions of the SECURE Act aren’t the only ways that saving for retirement will change this year. As today’s article notes, “Other trends have been in motion over the last few years” – and the author outlines three trends that will impact how Americans save for retirement this year and beyond. For more, CLICK HERE.

The “Cornerstone Of Retirement Planning” (That Most Americans Don’t Understand)

2019-10-25 22_38_34-Flag of America photo – Free Flag Image on UnsplashIt’s “the cornerstone of retirement planning” – yet in a recent study, 92% of the American adults surveyed either demonstrated a lack of understanding of it or couldn’t even define what it was! What is this retirement-planning cornerstone? Fixed-income investing – and one portfolio manager cited in today’s article warns that “The lack of knowledge about fixed-income investing is a problem because it means many Americans are likely missing out on two of its big benefits”. For more, CLICK HERE.

Making A Pension-Less Retirement Work

2019-08-03 19_10_45-WindowThe author of today’s article – who is fortunate enough to have a pension – is concerned about the majority of Americans (including his own children) who are not so fortunate, and who will have to rely on Social Security and their investments to fund their retirements. His fear? “Even if these folks are saving regularly, they don’t really understand how to invest or how to manage their nest egg once retired.” He proceeds to outline everything involved in making a pension-less retirement work. For more, CLICK HERE.

How To “Win With Small Steps” – And Boost Your Retirement Savings By $800,000 Or More

2019-06-16 09_34_09-Man Walking on Gray Stairs · Free Stock PhotoIf you’re one of the (too) many Americans that have too little – or nothing at all – in the way of retirement savings, a simple strategy that could boost your savings by $800,000 (and possibly even more) sounds like something worth having a look at – and that’s exactly what the author of today’s article outlines. And while getting the maximum benefit from this strategy requires having many years until retirement, it can still make a significant difference for those close to retirement. For more on this “win with small steps” strategy, CLICK HERE.

Nudging Towards A More Secure Retirement

2019-04-21 21_18_51-Window“Money and rationality don’t always mix…That’s especially true with retirement,” notes the author of today’s article. Just one example of many: The fact that nearly half of Americans claim Social Security benefits as soon as possible (age 62), foregoing a significantly larger benefit had they waited. Fortunately, insights from behavioral finance can help “nudge” individuals towards making more rational decisions as they enter retirement. For four critical retirement decisions – related to Social Security, annuities, asset allocation and consumption rates – and how behavioral science can help nudge retirees towards more optimal decisions – CLICK HERE.

The Major Crack In The Foundation Of Many Americans’ Retirement Plans

2018-08-21 19_00_42-100+ Amazing Plan Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosThe foundation of any retirement plan is the age at which we plan to retire. Unfortunately, as today’s article highlights, “that foundation isn’t nearly as solid as we think. We often systematically misjudge when we’ll actually retire, and that can wreak havoc on our finances.” What does a new study – which found that roughly half of Americans retire earlier than planned – offer as the best formula for estimating the gap between our planned and actual retirement age – and what does the existence of this gap suggest some investors may need to do in order to hit their retirement targets? CLICK HERE.

The Great Recession Was Devastating To Retirement Savings – But This Common Occurrence Can Be Almost As Destructive

2018-07-16 07_47_59-40+ Amazing Risk Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosThe Great Recession of 2007-2009 devastated many Americans’ retirement savings – and a new study finds that an experience many Americans face can be almost as devastating: divorce. Specifically, researchers found that “Divorce pushes up an individual’s retirement risk by 7 percentage points, [while] the 2008 financial crisis added 9 points.” What are the numerous reasons the authors of the study outline for why divorce has such a destructive effect on retirement savings – and what are some retirement savings advantages to divorce? CLICK HERE.