The Secret That Makes Berkshire Hathaway The “Single Best Retirement Stock Out There Today”

2020-01-08 20_46_17-White and Pink Flowers Beside A Canister · Free Stock Photo“It’s easier than you think to identify Warren Buffett’s top retirement stock. Don’t overthink it. It’s his own company: Berkshire Hathaway,” declares the author of today’s article, who identifies the “secret” that allows Berkshire to deliver such impressive returns – and which makes it “the single best retirement stock out there today.” For this – and more reasons why Berkshire is a perfect stock for retirees – CLICK HERE.

“Bogus”, “Slow-Killer Cigarettes”: The Case Against Annuities

2019-05-02 09_22_05-Macbook Pro on Table · Free Stock PhotoWhen it comes to annuities, the author of today’s article has some very strong (negative) feelings, asserting that “Whatever you think an annuity can do for you, it can’t. Or there is likely a cheaper, better, more flexible way to do it.” What kinds of annuities does he declare are “bogus” (and why)? What kinds of annuities does he describe as “the slow-killer cigarettes of investing” (and why)? And what does he outline as a better approach when it comes to retirement income? CLICK HERE.

The Ten Commandments, Retirement Edition

2018-09-22 19_08_47-496 Awesome Book Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosAre you trying to play catch up with your retirement savings? Looking to retire early? Whatever position you currently find yourself in relative to retirement, today’s article outlines ten “commandments” that may be worth following in the aim of ultimately achieving a comfortable retirement. For these ten commandments – relating to Social Security, estate plans, taxes, health care, pre-retirement lifestyle and more – CLICK HERE.

The “Stunning Amount” The Average Couple Will Spend On Healthcare In Retirement – And Why It Only Gets Worse

2018-07-16 free photographs for commercial use“I hate to be the bearer of bad news but in the real world, healthcare costs in retirement years can take a ridiculously large chunk out of your retirement income,” warns the author of today’s article, who cites a new study which found that the “average 65-year-old couple retiring this year will need about $280,000 to cover healthcare in retirement” – an amount that exceeds what many have saved. Why does the news only get worse from there – and what can you do to try and keep healthcare costs from ruining your retirement? CLICK HERE.

A Comprehensive Guide For Turning Your Early Retirement Dream Into Reality

2017-03-25 14_35_47-2 People Sitting With View of Yellow Flowers during Daytime · Free Stock PhotoAccording to a recent report from the Employee Benefit Research Institute, almost half of retirees end up leaving the workforce earlier than they had planned – and while this is often involuntary (the result of a layoff or illness), in a third of cases individuals make an early exit by choice, having achieved financial independence. Achieving early retirement is not easy, though – which is why today’s article outlines 12 key moves to make over the course of your career to increase the chances of making your early retirement dream a reality. To read more, CLICK HERE.

The Dallas Police & Fire Pension System: A Cautionary Tale In Alternative Investments

2016-09-27 12_15_38-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useWhile alternative investments have the potential to both reduce a portfolio’s risk and boost its returns, the key word here, as today’s article emphasizes, is can: “If done poorly, alternative investments can just as easily take a wrecking ball to a portfolio and destroy years’ worth of gains.” Specifically, the author outlines the real-life example of the Dallas Police & Fire Pension System (DPFP) which, “after making a series of questionable investments” in alternative assets, ended up bankrupt. To read more about what happened to the DPFP and the lessons this cautionary tale holds about alternative investments – as well as for the four conditions the author recommends be in place when it comes to alternative investments – CLICK HERE.

Lessons From The Internet Bubble Still Relevant Today

2016-03-26 14_33_39-New notification“Memories of the Internet bubble bursting 16 years ago this week have begun to fade. And that’s a shame, since it still has much to teach us.” Today’s article argues that, while the stock market is not as overvalued today as it was back then, “certain stocks appear to be, and they could easily incur the losses investors suffered 16 years ago when that era’s bubble deflated.” The author uses the examples of Cisco in March of 2000 and Amazon earlier this year to outline two critical lessons from the Internet bubble that should not be forgotten (Lesson #1: Valuations Matter!). To read more and find out the second important lesson, CLICK HERE.

“Encore Career” Dos and Don’ts

2016-03-26 14_31_19-New notification“Working after retirement may be an oxymoron, but it’s a trend that continues to gain steam… While financial concerns are often the motivator, for many retirees the decision to pursue an encore career is more about passion than paycheck.” Today’s article outlines several dos and don’ts for those looking to pursue an “encore career” in retirement. Do? Focus on certain skill sets. Don’t? Make it about money (“If your primary objective is income…you’re better off going back [to the job] where you were”). To read all the author’s encore career dos and don’ts, CLICK HERE.

Saving For Retirement Can Be A Fun Process

Senior Couple Calculating BudgetFun and saving for retirement don’t sounds like they belong in the same sentence but today’s article has tips for how to keep positive when doing the mundane…like saving for retirement. Here’s what they had to say, “Research from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business found that linking your savings progress to enjoyable treats—a concept dubbed “temptation bundling”—can help boost motivation and push you to reach your goals. Of course, we’re not talking about a big-ticket splurge. Rather, it should be a small indulgence that can provide a significant happiness boost—like indulging in an ice cream sundae when you up that nest egg savings contribution by 1%!” To read more, CLICK HERE.

It May Be Time To Clean Out The Nest

Young PeopleDo you have a young adult child living in your home? He or she may be delaying your retirement. Today’s article discusses why parents with grown children in the home can negatively affect their retirement. Here’s what they had to say, “Young adults should be moving up, but in many cases they’re only moving back in. And it’s threatening the retirement of their parents — both financially and psychologically. The job market for young adults has improved steadily since 2010, yet the number of millennials living with their parents has continued to climb. As of the beginning of 2015, 26% of millennials (defined as those currently age 18 to 34) lived with their parents, according to the Pew Research Center.” To read more, CLICK HERE.