Achieve A Dividend-Funded Retirement In 10 Years With This Process

2018-07-29 16_16_40-500+ Beautiful Old Age Photos · Pexels · Free Stock Photos“The goal of every dividend investor is to generate a sufficient stream of passive dividend income, that would adequately cover their expenses,” notes the author of today’s article –who proceeds to outline a process by which someone looking to retire in 10 years could attain this goal “even if you picked average companies.” For the five guidelines to follow in this process – and how they can be implemented to retire in 10 years – CLICK HERE.

These 3 Small Steps Can Make A Dramatic Difference In The Ultimate Size Of Your Nest Egg

2018-07-24 06_58_41-WindowToday’s article highlights three small steps you can take that can make a dramatic difference (or giant leaps) in the ultimate size of your retirement nest egg. Among these steps is one the author states “is often the epitome of small-step-but-big-leap planning, as it can have almost no impact on your current financial situation, but may have dramatic impacts on long-term tax-efficiency.” For these three steps – and examples depicting just how much of a big leap they can create for your retirement savings – CLICK HERE.

A Simple New Tool To Generate Retirement Spending Estimates

2018-07-23 09_24_54-WindowWhen it comes to retirement planning, the author of today’s article notes that “What’s been missing for most people is a simple way to calculate the level of spending that can be generated from a given savings amount, that takes into account realistic assumptions about a retiree’s longevity as well as a forecast for market returns.” However, there is a new tool available that seeks to fill that need – and it only requires two simple inputs to generate spending estimates. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Trouble With Target-Date Funds

2018-07-22 free photographs for commercial useWith almost half of retirement savers having their entire account invested in a single target-date fund last year, the author of today’s article acknowledges that “Target-date funds are taking over retirement accounts” – and this may not be a good thing. He proceeds to explain how a combination of issues with target-date funds “could easily add up to 1 percent to 2 percent a year in lower returns, costing retirement savers hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a career.” CLICK HERE.

The Great Recession Was Devastating To Retirement Savings – But This Common Occurrence Can Be Almost As Destructive

2018-07-16 07_47_59-40+ Amazing Risk Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosThe Great Recession of 2007-2009 devastated many Americans’ retirement savings – and a new study finds that an experience many Americans face can be almost as devastating: divorce. Specifically, researchers found that “Divorce pushes up an individual’s retirement risk by 7 percentage points, [while] the 2008 financial crisis added 9 points.” What are the numerous reasons the authors of the study outline for why divorce has such a destructive effect on retirement savings – and what are some retirement savings advantages to divorce? CLICK HERE.

The “Stunning Amount” The Average Couple Will Spend On Healthcare In Retirement – And Why It Only Gets Worse

2018-07-16 free photographs for commercial use“I hate to be the bearer of bad news but in the real world, healthcare costs in retirement years can take a ridiculously large chunk out of your retirement income,” warns the author of today’s article, who cites a new study which found that the “average 65-year-old couple retiring this year will need about $280,000 to cover healthcare in retirement” – an amount that exceeds what many have saved. Why does the news only get worse from there – and what can you do to try and keep healthcare costs from ruining your retirement? CLICK HERE.

Why Picking Investments For Retirement Is A Separate Skill – And Some Safe Choices To Consider

2018-07-16 free photographs for commercial useRetirement investments are different – or, as the author of today’s article puts it, “Picking safe investments for retirement is a skill separate from making money in stocks, real estate, and other investment vehicles.” Given this, he proceeds to outline a number of options available when it comes to picking safe investments for retirement. For more – including a list of companies with some of the most secure dividends – CLICK HERE.

A Year-By-Year Plan To Navigate Retirement’s “Fragile Decade”

2018-07-11 20_20_41-WindowThe five years or so before retirement – and the moves you make during those years – can be critical when it comes to what kind of retirement you end up having. As today’s article notes, this has led some to refer to these years as ‘the fragile decade’, “because your investment returns then are disproportionately important.” Given this, the author proceeds to lay out a year-by-year plan for the five years before retirement – and what to concentrate on during each. For more, CLICK HERE.

The “Hard Dollars (And Sense)” Of Retirement Catch-Up Contributions

2018-07-08 07_00_34-WindowIf, like many Americans, you find yourself behind when it comes to having enough saved for a financially secure retirement, one potential way to increase your retirement savings is by taking advantage of catch-up contributions. The author of today’s article cautions “Don’t fall into the trap of underestimating how much these extra contributions can potentially benefit your upcoming retirement” – and he outlines some examples in hard dollars to demonstrate how much of an impact catch-up contributions can have. For more, CLICK HERE.

Follow The Rich And Fund A “Dividends-Only” Retirement

2018-07-08 06_57_34-Window“If you follow rich people, you’ll notice that they never actually sell any assets – they instead use them to generate more and more cash flow. We can – and should – do the same,” argues the author of today’s article – who proceeds to highlight five dividend paying (and dividend growing) stocks that have meaningful (above 5%) yields today and the prospect for higher yields and price appreciation going forward. For these five stocks, CLICK HERE.