“Jaw-Dropping Growth Potential”: An Overview Of The “Big Three” Healthcare REITs

2016-09-25 19_02_52-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useToday’s article notes that – when it comes to the graying of America’s population – “one great way to capitalize on this trend is through healthcare, or, more specifically, the growing need for healthcare facilities – already a trillion-dollar market.” As such, the article provides an overview of the “big three” healthcare real estate investment trusts – Welltower, HCP and Ventas – and their respective strengths and risks. To read more – including the time horizon that investors in these REITs should have – CLICK HERE.

Inflation Protection For Retirement

2016-09-25 19_00_55-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useWhile inflation may currently be low, the author of today’s article warns that “this makes the possibility of an inflation threat going forward even more likely.” Moreover, she notes that health care costs are rising faster than inflation. All of this poses a particular threat to retirees relying on sources of income that lack inflation protection. As such, the author outlines four investment options for retirement in inflationary times – Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS), annuities, stocks and commercial real estate. To read about the potential benefits and drawbacks of each option, CLICK HERE.

Social Security Negligence: What Information Is Not Being Adequately Communicated To Claimants?

2016-09-22 19_10_33-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useToday’s article notes that, in 2013, Social Security benefits made up 52% of household income for those aged 65 and over, and at least 90% of household income for almost a quarter of older retirees. These statistics make the findings of a new study by the Government Accountability Office all the more concerning: The GAO has determined that “Americans getting ready to claim their Social Security benefits may not be getting crucial information they need to make the best decisions for their retirement”. What important information has the GAO found is not being adequately communicated, and why does one Social Security expert state that the GAO’s report “doesn’t even begin to suggest the magnitude of Social Security’s mistakes”? CLICK HERE to find out.

“Screaming Value”: The Case For Circling Back To Bristol-Myers

2016-09-18 18_46_24-Morguefile free photographs for commercial use“To me, at these levels, it just screams value, even as you might have to wait a while for this investment to pay off.” This is Mad Money host Jim Cramer’s assessment of Bristol-Myers Squibb, shares of which plunged after “its flagship oncology drug, Opdivo, failed to meet its primary endpoint in a clinical trial”, resulting in analyst downgrades, estimate cuts and investors turning their backs on the company. So why does Cramer believe that investors should “circle back” to Bristol-Myers now? CLICK HERE to find out.

Preferred Stocks As A Retirement Income Stream

2016-09-18 18_42_40-Morguefile free photographs for commercial use“Preferreds are one of the very few places where you can still get a reasonable income stream by historical standards,” states one manager of preferred funds in today’s article which examines the unique traits of preferred stocks that make them appealing (e.g. the aforementioned reasonable income stream), as well as the unique considerations that buyers of preferreds need to be aware of (e.g. the potential impact of rising interest rates). To read more – including how investors can go about finding the strongest issuers of preferred stocks – as well as for three preferred stocks and two preferred stock exchange-traded funds the author highlights as “prime picks”, CLICK HERE.

From Nearly Dead To Hot Commodity: Coal’s Reversal Of Fortune

2016-09-11 18_53_11-Morguefile free photographs for commercial use“It’s a commodity that’s been on the slippery slide for the past four years and it’s making a remarkable recovery.” This is what one analyst cited in today’s article had to say about the resurrection of coal – a resurrection that the article’s author believes “may have further room to run.” To read about the factors that have contributed to this reversal of fortunes for coal – which is now one of the best-performing commodities after prices started the year near decade lows – as well as coal’s potential for further gains – especially with a La Nina weather pattern – CLICK HERE.

Safe Energy For The Retiree’s Portfolio

2016-09-11 18_51_21-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useRisk and retirement don’t go together. As such, given the difficult times (to put it mildly) that the energy sector has experienced over the last couple of years, energy stocks might not seem like goods bets for a retirement portfolio. However, the author of today’s article argues that “those planning (or even in) retirement might be doing themselves a disservice by avoiding energy stocks right now”, and highlights seven energy stocks that he states “you can count on to get you through your golden years.” To see what these seven energy stocks are, and for an analysis of each, CLICK HERE.

“Greatness On Sale”: 3 Dividend Growers In The Retirement Aisle’s Bargain Bin

2016-04-11 06_18_06-Microsoft Office Picture ManagerThe three stocks highlighted in today’s article are all dividend growers that – due to what the author views as short-term factors – currently find themselves in the bargain bin, which might make them great income stream picks for retirees and soon-to-be retirees. To see what these three stocks are – including a pharmaceutical company that hurt itself by being “overly ambitious” in a key clinical trial, and a health care company whose stock price has dropped but is positioned to be reignited as a result of recent acquisitions – CLICK HERE.

Safety Without The Sacrifice: 4 High-Yield Retirement Income Stocks

2016-09-06 19_20_15-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useThe hunt for both yield and safety is the task undertaken by the author of today’s article. He highlights four quality dividend-paying (and dividend-growing!) stocks with high yields – averaging 4.9% – and good “Dividend Safety Scores”. To find out what these four stocks are – including two healthcare focused real estate investment trusts and a Dividend Aristocrat telecommunications giant – , as well as for an analysis of each and to learn more about Dividend Safety Scores, CLICK HERE.