You May Want To Skip These 11 Stocks

FamilyDollarToday’s article discusses avoiding 11 stocks that analyst are finding to be bad eggs. Here’s what they had to say, “All these stocks are rated “hold” or worse, on average, by the analysts who rate them. Analysts are backing up with cautious words with numbers, too. The 18-month price targets on all these stocks are at least 5% lower than their Wednesday closing prices. And on top of all those warnings, stock research firm New Constructs rates these stocks “neutral” or worse.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Apple Didn’t Make This List, Find Out Why

AppleMorgan Stanley recently named its favorite stocks but one huge tech stock didn’t make the list. Today’s article explains why Apple was left out. Here’s what they had to say, “Analyst Adam Parker and his team sifted through 41 companies with market capitalizations of more than $100 billion using different sets of criteria and ranked them from best to worst. The only tech company to make it into the five was International Business Machines Corp. IBM, -0.99% The other favorites are Bank of America Corp. BAC, +0.19% Gilead Sciences Inc. GILD, +1.15% J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. JPM, +0.15% and Citigroup Inc. C, +0.21% ” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Millionaire In Retirement

MoneyToday’s article discusses how you may be able to become a millionaire in your retirement. Here’s what they had to say, “Seven-figure 401(k)s are still rare—less than 1% of today’s 52 million 401(k) savers have one, reports the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI)—but growing fast. At Fidelity Investments, one of the largest 401(k) plan providers, the number of million-dollar-plus 401(k)s has more than doubled since 2012, topping 72,000 at the end of 2014. Schwab reports a similar trend. And those tallies don’t count the two-career couples whose combined 401(k)s are worth $1 million.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

How To Catch Up In Saving For Retirement

Money In JarBehind in your retirement savings? Today’s article discusses how even if you’re behind in saving for retirement, you can still play catch-up. Here’s what they had to say, “According to the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, the average retirement savings for households nearing retirement — those with head of households aged 55-64 — is about $110,000. That means more than half of today’s households won’t have enough retirement income to maintain their pre-retirement standard of living, even if they work to age 65.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Check Out These Four Stocks

Pvh-corp-logoDo you like getting a bargain? Who doesn’t? Today’s article highlights four stocks that you can get for a steal. Here’s what they had to say, “Clothing maker PVH (PVH) was a poorly timed pick. We recommended shares at $131 apiece near the end of 2013 (“Calvin Klein, Meet Calvin Klein,” Dec. 23, 2013). The stock ended 2014 at $128 and has since tumbled below $103. Now just 13 times earnings, PVH is priced like a no-growth mall retailer, as investment bank Cowen & Company recently put it. But earnings are still growing. Cowen argues that the currency head winds are more than priced in and shares could hit $130 in a year. That’s the average price target of 19 analysts covering the stock.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Where Should You Retire?

Enjoying RetirementToday’s article breaks down the best places to retire based on several different factors. Here’s how they figured it out, “…we weighed data on nearly 500 cities from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The most important factors were economic: overall cost of living and home prices as compared with national averages, and general state tax climate for retirees (a point that Forbes has been tracking for years.) These are also the main reasons why there are just a few locations (Pittsburgh, Pa., and the Portland, Ore., suburb of Oak Grove) in the pricey Northeast and West Coast.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Check Out These Oil Stocks

Oil-drumsAfter speaking to two investors, today’s article discusses five oil stocks you may want to check out. Check out what they had to say, “These investors can use their influence to force these oil companies to create instant shareholder value by selling the entire company or selling portions of the company’s assets. Below are five deeply undervalued oil stocks, each with a large influential investor involved…” To read more, CLICK HERE.

It’s Hard To Predict The Future But Here’s How To Do It

Crystal BallSaving enough money for retirement is hard enough but trying to figure out how much to save for your health costs can seem impossible unless you have a crystal ball. Until now. Today’s article explains how you can save for health care costs in your retirement. Here’s what they had to say, “The study notes that some services—including doctor visits and prescription-drug use—are more predictable and, as such, easier to forecast. These recurring services are distinct from less-predictable, or nonrecurring, services, like overnight hospital stays. The report also offers dollar figures for different types of health-care services in retirement. A good—and, ideally, anxiety-reducing—resource.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Don’t Need Much To Make A Lot

$20 BillGot a $20 bill in your pocket? You could buy at least two of any of the stocks mentioned in today’s article. It features stocks that aren’t very expensive but could earn you $$$. Here’s one of them, “AcelRX Pharmaceuticals RBC Capital Markets maintained AcelRX Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: ACRX) shares as Outperform, and the stock was also maintained as Outperform at JPM Securities earlier in the week. Both firms cut their target prices to $8 from $12 in their respective calls. This still leaves implied upside of almost 100%, based on a $4.02 mid-Friday trading level.” To check out all of them and to read more, CLICK HERE.


You May Want To Check Out These Oversold Stocks

Stock-ExchangeToday’s article discusses five stocks that many sold but you may be able to take advantage of. Here’s what they had to say, “A new research report from the Information Technology and Hardware analysts at UBS tracks the stocks that are the most overbought and oversold on a relative strength basis. Needless to say, volatility has skewed numbers for the stocks that were oversold even more. One caveat from the report, and one for investors to be mindful of, is that the UBS team has said on occasion that many of the stocks in their coverage universe are fairly valued at this time.” To read more, CLICK HERE.