How Inflation Can Impact Your Retirement (And Some Inflation-Protection Strategies)

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Inflation may not seem like much of a concern right now, but the author of today’s article points out that periods in which inflation has been significantly higher than average have typically arrived without any advance warning. Given this, and considering the fact that, as he notes, “even average rates of inflation can take a large toll”, it’s worthwhile to consider the impact inflation could have on your retirement plan. For two categories of spending the author sees as particularly worrisome for retirees going forward, as well as strategies available to protect yourself from inflation in retirement, CLICK HERE.

Strategies For Drawing Down – Or Preserving – A $1 Million Nest Egg Over A 30-Year Retirement

2019-09-18 09_11_20-Feeling the Water _ HD photo by Josh Hild (@joshhild) on UnsplashIf you’ve been extremely diligent and managed to save $1 million for retirement, how can you best make that $1 million last for a 30-year retirement? Today’s article outlines four different strategies (two conservative approaches and two moderate approaches) to do just that, with two of the strategies involving drawing down that $1 million nest egg over 30 years and the other two strategies preserving all $1 million for the entire 30 years. For more, CLICK HERE.

Spend Safely In Retirement (And Delay Taking Social Security) With This Strategy

2019-03-30 21_15_46-A collection of US Dollar bills make ... _ HD photo by Sharon McCutcheon (@sharoWith most financial experts advising that primary wage earners delay taking Social Security until age 70 (as delaying can result in payments that are 70% higher), the author of today’s article acknowledges that “for those who do want to maximize their benefits, that means utilizing other assets in the meantime which requires some strategizing.” He proceeds to outline one potential strategy – the Spend Safely in Retirement Strategy – that allows you to effectively create your own annuity or pension income stream. For more, CLICK HERE.

The State Of – And Strategies For – Retirement In America

2019-03-10 14_58_43-1000+ Beautiful Old Age Photos · Pexels · Free Stock Photos“Maybe your retirement plan is on track, but that doesn’t mean you can rest easy. We all exist within a society and an economy. Its problems are ours, too, as we may find out when taxes rise to help pay for others to retire,” warns the author of today’s article. He proceeds to examine the state of retirement in the U.S., including how Social Security is not enough for a secure retirement, the disturbing reality regarding Americans’ retirement savings, the “indexing problem” inherent in retirement accounts, and the “double problem” facing Baby Boomers. For more – including some strategies to help counter these concerns – CLICK HERE.

Strategies To Compound Your Way To A Wealthy Retirement Using Dividend Stocks

2019-01-27 15_52_57-250+ Engaging Nest Egg Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosThe author of today’s article describes it as “the one surefire way to retire rich”: harnessing the power of compounding. Or, to be more specific, harnessing the power of compounding using dividend stocks – and amassing a multi-million dollar nest egg in the process. What does the author outline as some of the best strategies in this regard? For more on harnessing the power of compounding using dividend stocks to grow your wealth – and nest egg – over time, CLICK HERE.

This Retirement Saving Strategy For High-Income Earners Has Gotten The Okay. Is It For You?

2018-07-29 19_34_26-10+ Beautiful Income Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosIf you’re a high-income earner, you might think that one popular retirement-saving vehicle – the Roth IRA – is not available to you due to IRS-imposed restrictions on who can contribute to these accounts. One strategy for high-income earners to get around these restrictions is the “backdoor Roth” – and while there has been concern about this strategy, the new tax legislation appears to give it the green light. So does a backdoor Roth make sense for you? CLICK HERE for some considerations.

“Fourth Quarter” Retirement Planning Opportunities

2018-03-21 20_55_20-Free stock photos of planning · PexelsWhile the years right before – and just after – retirement can play an especially critical role in one’s financial security in retirement, the author of today’s article points out that “a number of planning steps and strategies arise in the decade or so before retirement—that is, in one’s 50s usually—that can have a big impact before the start of a retirement transition.” He proceeds to outline a number of such “fourth quarter” planning opportunities, covering issues from cash flow and insurance to portfolio allocation and estate planning. For more, CLICK HERE.

ETF Your Way To Retirement With These Strategies

2017-10-09 05_16_29-Free stock photo of adult, brother, childWhether you are still young and have high risk tolerance, are middle-aged with moderate risk tolerance, or are at retirement and need reliable income, today’s article seeks to answer the following question: “How can you buy ETFs to build a comprehensive, long-term retirement portfolio?” For each of the aforementioned life stages, the author outlines the types of core – and supplemental – exchange-traded funds to consider for your portfolio – and identifies some specific funds that may be the best picks in fulfilling these strategies. To read more, CLICK HERE.

The Anatomy Of IRAs – And 7 Strategies For Administering CPR To Yours

2017-03-05 21_13_16-Silver Liberty in God We Trust 1978 Coin · Free Stock PhotoThe author of today’s article notes that Individual Retirement Accounts have become a lot more complicated in a number of critical ways since their introduction in the 1970s. As such, he provides a comprehensive overview of the internal workings of IRAs – including the various types of IRA accounts, funding options and distribution of funds. He then proceeds to outline seven strategies that can be used to help revive your IRA. To read more, CLICK HERE.