Which Stocks Offer Retirees The Most Reliability?

2020-03-05 22_29_32-Photo Of An Old Woman · Free Stock PhotoWhat are the most reliable stocks for retirees? Today’s article seeks to answer this question by looking at two articles from Kiplinger, one featuring a “group of retirement stocks that includes both pure income plays and growth companies, with a focus on very-long-term performance and durability”, and a second highlighting 20 dividend stocks that “should fund at least 20 years of retirement, if not more. They have paid uninterrupted dividends for more than 20 consecutive years, appear to have secure payouts and have the potential to collectively grow… dividends to protect investors’ purchasing power.” For more, CLICK HERE.

The Secret That Makes Berkshire Hathaway The “Single Best Retirement Stock Out There Today”

2020-01-08 20_46_17-White and Pink Flowers Beside A Canister · Free Stock Photo“It’s easier than you think to identify Warren Buffett’s top retirement stock. Don’t overthink it. It’s his own company: Berkshire Hathaway,” declares the author of today’s article, who identifies the “secret” that allows Berkshire to deliver such impressive returns – and which makes it “the single best retirement stock out there today.” For this – and more reasons why Berkshire is a perfect stock for retirees – CLICK HERE.

Should These Stocks Be Retirement Portfolio Rejects?

2018-06-17 19_08_29-Brainstorming over paper photo by Helloquence (@helloquence) on UnsplashA firm with a cult-like following, a “beloved ‘industrial’ firm” with a seemingly attractive dividend, and a group of high-growth names make up the seven stocks highlighted in today’s article as being ones that those in – or those going into – retirement may be wise to avoid, according to experts. For these seven stocks – including “one dividend payer that most retirees own but should reconsider”, according to experts – CLICK HERE.

3 Potential Stocks For Stock-Wary Retirees

2018-05-04 09_12_00-Free stock photos of tech · PexelsRetirees may, understandably, want to avoid stocks, but the need to fund increasingly lengthy retirements may make doing so unwise (if not impossible). Their best bet, then, may be stocks of companies that have stable business models, room to expand, and which pay (and increase) dividends. Today’s article highlights three such stocks that may be well-suited for retirement portfolios. For these three stocks – a tech giant, an American restaurant chain, and a global alcohol maker – CLICK HERE.

“Squandered Opportunity”: What Baby Boomers Got Wrong, Leading To A Retirement Crisis

2017-08-13 10_21_36-Free stock photo of adult, affection, babyThat baby boomers face a retirement crisis is a widely accepted fact. But what caused it? It may seem that the answer to this question must be complicated, but the author of today’s article has a relatively simple explanation, stating that “If I had to point to one variable that could explain why so many are so ill-prepared for retirement it would be this.” What is the variable in question – and what lesson can younger generations learn from what the boomers got wrong? CLICK HERE to find out.

Are Any Of These 10 Potential Retirement Ruiners In Your Portfolio?

2017-01-15 17_49_26-Black Frame Eyeglasses Near White Ceramic Mug · Free Stock PhotoThe ten stocks identified in today’s article may be nice stocks to trade for short-term profit, but you may not want to bet your retirement portfolio on them. Specifically, the author identifies ten stocks that he argues “are more likely to hurt your retirement than help it” as they lack what he sees as the critical feature for retirement stocks: being future proof. To find out what these ten potential retirement ruiners are – and why they may not be as future proof as they may seem – CLICK HERE.

3 Retirement Stocks To Consider

2016-08-14 20_10_49-Morguefile.com free stock photosNot excessively risky. Strong and growing dividends. The potential to appreciate over the long run. These are three of the characteristics investors look for when choosing retirement stocks and, as such, are true of the stocks highlighted in today’s article in which the three contributors each identify a retirement stock they believe readers should consider buying this month. To find out what these three retirement stocks – a railroad company, a self-storage powerhouse and “the best REIT specializing in data centers on the market today” – are, CLICK HERE.