SRI & ESG Investing: An “Existential” Question For Retirees

2019-11-15 21_20_35-Person's Left Hand Holding Green Leaf Plant · Free Stock PhotoSocially Responsible Investing (SRI) and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) have been gaining popularity as investment approaches, but are ESG/SRI funds good for retirees and soon-to-be-retirees? The author of today’s article believes that “The ensuing debate over SRI and ESG investing is potentially an existential one for retirees and soon-to-be retirees”, given the question as to whether these approaches lead to diminished – or superior – returns. What does the research have to say about the suitability of ESG/SRI funds for retirees? CLICK HERE.

Congress Might Actually Get Something Done – And It Affects Your Retirement

2019-05-19 18_56_49-Person Wearing Blue Plaid Suit Jacket and Dress Pants · Free Stock PhotoBelieve it or not, Democrats and Republicans in Congress might actually get something done on a bipartisan basis in the coming weeks, and as today’s article notes, that something “has the potential to be a big win for individual investors”. More specifically, there’s a real chance that Congress could pass bipartisan retirement savings legislation that would be signed into law – and enhance retirement savings opportunities. For some of the key provisions of the two Congressional bills that any final compromise bill would be based on, CLICK HERE.

How Contributing “Too Much Too Soon” Can Hurt Your Retirement Savings

2019-02-15 21_49_01-Money Styled Stock Photo photo by Katie Harp - Pinterest Manager (@kharp) on Uns“Save as much as possible as early as possible” is a generally accepted principle of retirement saving – and widely viewed as the most important principle. There are, however, exceptions – and today’s article details how “contributing too much to your 401(k) or similar retirement plan too early in the year may be hazardous to your retirement-savings health” and cause you to lose out on free money. For more – including how proper planning can help you avoid becoming a victim of the “too-much-too-soon trap”, CLICK HERE.

A Retirement Calculator Worth Checking Out

2018-03-21 20_52_59-Free stock photos of calculator · PexelsRetirement calculators are a dime a dozen. Which calculators are worth your time and effort and actually provide useful – and actionable – feedback? The author of today’s article recommends checking out one particular retirement calculator, which he assesses to be one of the best of the bunch and which provides you with two assessments, gauging your “chances of a financially comfortable retirement using both optimistic and pessimistic assumptions.” For more on this particular retirement planning tool, CLICK HERE.

Your Prized Pension May Have A Problem

2017-07-29 23_10_15-Gold Coins · Free Stock PhotoWhile traditional pension plans are largely becoming a thing of retirement past, 25% of pre-retirees are still fortunate enough to participate in one – but the author of today’s article warns those individuals not to get too comfortable with their apparent advantage when it comes to funding their golden years, cautioning that “there’s a good chance your pension plan is taking on a questionable investing strategy.” To read more, CLICK HERE.