Retirement Income Planning, From The Floor Up

2019-05-08 22_11_52-Person Holding White Book Planner · Free Stock Photo“The bottom line is that generating secure income to meet our retirement goals for an uncertain period of time is extremely challenging,” acknowledges the author of today’s article, who likens this task to “trying to hit a moving target in the wind.” He proceeds to outline one approach to doing so – the so-called flooring approach. How does the flooring approach to retirement income planning work, who is this strategy suited for, and what are some important flooring “flipsides” so consider? CLICK HERE.

A Better Approach To De-Risking Your Retirement Portfolio

2019-03-17 21_00_24-WindowWhen it comes to de-risking your retirement portfolio, the author of today’s article suggests thinking of it as being akin to de-icing your car, noting that “de-risking is important. It helps insulate your future retirement income from a market plunge that could occur near, or soon after, your retirement date.” In terms of how to de-risk, however, she advocates taking a different approach than the one traditionally employed – “a planning process that tells you when to de-risk your retirement money based on your goals.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Surprise! What Many People Fail To Realize About Retirement

2018-08-12 18_53_26-50+ Amazing Goal Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosA recent study found that three in five Americans are very likely to work longer than desired – an additional two years on average – to meet their retirement goals. Having to work longer than expected is just one of the many surprises that those approaching (and those in) retirement encounter. In today’s article, a number of financial planners reveal what many people don’t realize about retirement – including the “biggest thing that [they] see keeping people from retiring prior to 65”. CLICK HERE.

Achieve A Dividend-Funded Retirement In 10 Years With This Process

2018-07-29 16_16_40-500+ Beautiful Old Age Photos · Pexels · Free Stock Photos“The goal of every dividend investor is to generate a sufficient stream of passive dividend income, that would adequately cover their expenses,” notes the author of today’s article –who proceeds to outline a process by which someone looking to retire in 10 years could attain this goal “even if you picked average companies.” For the five guidelines to follow in this process – and how they can be implemented to retire in 10 years – CLICK HERE.

These 3 Small Steps Can Make A Dramatic Difference In The Ultimate Size Of Your Nest Egg

2018-07-24 06_58_41-WindowToday’s article highlights three small steps you can take that can make a dramatic difference (or giant leaps) in the ultimate size of your retirement nest egg. Among these steps is one the author states “is often the epitome of small-step-but-big-leap planning, as it can have almost no impact on your current financial situation, but may have dramatic impacts on long-term tax-efficiency.” For these three steps – and examples depicting just how much of a big leap they can create for your retirement savings – CLICK HERE.

The Margarita, The No-Brainer And Other “Lazy” Retirement Portfolios

2017-08-20 08_16_10-Red Slush Drink in Glass on Beach · Free Stock PhotoThere are over 8,000 mutual funds and the average participant in a workplace retirement plan has 28 investment options to choose from. However, the author of today’s article advises that “you can create a smart, diversified portfolio with just a handful of mutual funds” – and she proceeds to highlight some model “lazy portfolios” to do just that. To learn about the Margarita Portfolio, the No-Brainer Portfolio and more – as well as the past performance of these portfolios – CLICK HERE.

Safe Spending: Strategies For Ensuring Your Nest Egg Lasts As Long As You Do

2017-01-29 20_18_46-Films & TVLeading up to retirement the goal is producing enough income to build a sizable nest egg. Upon retirement the goal shifts to spending what has been built up in such a way that you don’t outlive your nest egg. And while the general rule of thumb has been the 4% rule – that retirees could safely withdraw 4% of their assets each year – there is much debate over whether this rule is still valid today. As such, today’s article outlines several strategies that retirees can use to help ensure their nest egg lasts throughout their lifetime. To find out what these strategies are, CLICK HERE.

“Meaty Profits”: Why This 1 Stock Might Be A Great Pick For Investors In Their 50s

2017-01-01 19_48_37-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useFor investors in their 50s looking to both grow their retirement nest eggs and build a steady stream of passive income, today’s article highlights one stock which, “with its powerful wealth-building combination of increasing dividend payouts and share-price appreciation”, may be one of the best picks for achieving both of these goals. To find out what this stock is – as well as to read about the factors fueling its current strong results, its “multiple pathways for continued growth” going forward, and why its profits are downright meaty – CLICK HERE.