How Millennials, Blockchain And AI Are Reshaping The Retirement Planning Industry

2018-05-12 15_53_07-Bitcoin vs Altcoins photo by Andre Francois (@silverhousehd) on UnsplashWhile millennials on the whole are not saving adequately for retirement, a growing number of them are investing in cryptocurrencies – and, as today’s article notes, one of the main reasons they are doing so is for retirement purposes. At the same time, “Innovative startups are redefining the retirement landscape by using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to create new retirement savings solutions.” For more on how millennials, blockchain and artificial intelligence are reshaping the retirement planning industry, CLICK HERE.

ETFs Aren’t Booming Among Boomers. Is That Generation Making A Mistake?

2018-02-18 15_27_43-Free stock photos of age · PexelsExchange-traded funds may have exploded in popularity over the last few years, but that surge in popularity has varied greatly by generation. Today’s article notes that boomers have not embraced ETFs to the extent that millennials – or even the oldest generation of investors – have, with one study finding that only 27% of boomers aged 52 to 70 with $100,000 in investible assets are invested in ETFs. What factors are holding boomers back from investing in ETFs – and why might some of those concerns be ill-conceived? CLICK HERE.

This Revolutionary Company Could Be The Microsoft Of Millennials’ Retirement Portfolios

2017-01-15 17_55_10-PhotosOf the stock highlighted in today’s article – which the author believes could do for the retirement portfolios of millennials what stocks like Microsoft did for the retirement portfolios of older generations – the author states “While we can’t promise it’s the next Apple, it has a good chance to be.” To find out what this company – operating in the revolutionary “wireless electricity” space – is, why it may be positioned for “the kind of exponential growth capable of solving millennials’ retirement needs”, and for the author’s recommended action to take, CLICK HERE.

Senior Citizen Supremacy: The Top 10 Holdings Of Each Generation And Why Seniors’ Returns Are Double Those Of Millennials

2016-10-31 07_41_06-Films & TVSenior citizens are leaving millennials in the dust – at least when it comes to the returns on their portfolios. Today’s article highlights data from TD Ameritrade which shows that, while “there is a high overlap between the top 10 holdings of the millennial generation, Generation X, baby boomers and senior citizens…there’s also enough divergence that the gains of seniors this year are nearly double that of millennials.” To read more about the top 10 holdings of each generation – including which two stocks are only top holdings for millennials (and which have contributed to the poor performance of this group) and which three stocks are top holdings for senior citizens and don’t appear in the other generations, CLICK HERE.

Millennials’ Jumbo Nest Egg: $2 Million!?

2016-04-11 06_18_06-Microsoft Office Picture Manager“Millennials have more than enough financial worries. Now they can add about 2 million more to their list. That’s how much many might need to save to retire.” Today’s article examines how much Millennials may need to have stashed away in order to maintain their standard of living in retirement, and the numbers are substantial. According to various studies, estimates and experts, older Millennials may need about $1.8 million stashed away while younger Millennials may need upwards of $2.5 million! What “two big assumptions” are these figures based on, and why do Millennials need so much set aside? CLICK HERE to read more.

Millennials: Retirement Saving Role Models?

2016-04-03 11_35_56-Microsoft Office Picture ManagerMight the generation that is the furthest away from retirement – millennials – actually be the most retirement savvy? Today’s article argues that “despite the long time horizon, millennials recognize the importance of saving for their retirement” and outlines the specific ways in which this generation is “getting it right”. What can be learned from millennials about tacking expenses, saving, and the benefits of Roth IRAs over Traditional IRAs, among other things? And what four “key retirement guidelines” does the author suggest be kept in mind “regardless of your age and retirement horizon”? CLICK HERE to find out.