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Senior Citizen Supremacy: The Top 10 Holdings Of Each Generation And Why Seniors’ Returns Are Double Those Of Millennials

2016-10-31 07_41_06-Films & TVSenior citizens are leaving millennials in the dust – at least when it comes to the returns on their portfolios. Today’s article highlights data from TD Ameritrade which shows that, while “there is a high overlap between the top 10 holdings of the millennial generation, Generation X, baby boomers and senior citizens…there’s also enough divergence that the gains of seniors this year are nearly double that of millennials.” To read more about the top 10 holdings of each generation – including which two stocks are only top holdings for millennials (and which have contributed to the poor performance of this group) and which three stocks are top holdings for senior citizens and don’t appear in the other generations, CLICK HERE.