The Annuity Piece Of Your Retirement Puzzle

2018-08-08 08_27_24-100+ Great Puzzle Piece Photos · Pexels · Free Stock Photos“Annuities often get a bad rap,” states the author of today’s article, who acknowledges some of the drawbacks associated with these products. However, he notes that all investments have drawbacks – and that annuities can be “the hedge against the emotion of fear that you will run out of funds before you die.” He proceeds to outline the numerous ways in which annuities – especially fixed annuities – can reduce the risk associated with your retirement plan. For more – including how you can make an annuity do double duty – CLICK HERE.

Is This Fund “The Holy Grail Of Retirement Investing”?

2018-04-29 16_15_39-Free stock photos of gold · PexelsThe author of today’s article acknowledges that – if such a strategy existed – it would represent “the Holy Grail of retirement investing”: a strategy that would appreciate regardless of market conditions. And one fund – the Permanent Portfolio Fund – purports to do just that. So is this fund something that retirees and those nearing retirement should consider? The author looks at the fund’s past performance relative to other investments – and whether its future performance is likely to be like its past. CLICK HERE.

Beyond The Luster: When Gold Makes Sense – And What Might Be A Better Investment

2017-09-24 12_42_39-Close-up View of Information Sign · Free Stock PhotoDespite renewed strength in – and interest in owning – gold, the author of today’s article believes that few people have a good understanding of why the precious metal behaves the way it does – and thus what role (if any) it has to play in an investment portfolio. As such, he proceeds to examine the case for and against gold. What do people get wrong about gold? When might gold make sense for investors – and what does he argue is the better investment for those who want to hedge against dollar weakness? CLICK HERE.

Your Prized Pension May Have A Problem

2017-07-29 23_10_15-Gold Coins · Free Stock PhotoWhile traditional pension plans are largely becoming a thing of retirement past, 25% of pre-retirees are still fortunate enough to participate in one – but the author of today’s article warns those individuals not to get too comfortable with their apparent advantage when it comes to funding their golden years, cautioning that “there’s a good chance your pension plan is taking on a questionable investing strategy.” To read more, CLICK HERE.