The Best Places To Retire Abroad, With A Focus On Health Care

2019-08-22 21_50_16-WindowIf you’re looking to retire abroad, you likely want some place with a suitable climate and a low cost of living – including low health care costs. But another important consideration is health care efficiency. As such, in seeking to identify the best places for Americans to retire abroad, the author of today’s article factored in how contender countries rank in terms of health care efficiency – with all the countries that made the final list ranking higher than the U.S. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Retirement Savings-Eating Risk Women Are Underestimating

2017-03-19 06_57_09-Free stock photo of businessman, client, coaching“Women over 50 are likely to enjoy decades in retirement,” notes the author of today’s article. That’s the good news for this group. The bad news? “Few have any idea how much medical expenses will eat into their savings.” Studies show that women aged 50 and over are largely unsure of what their health-care and long-term care costs will be in retirement – and when they do venture a guess there is a stark difference between their estimates and the reality of costs. So what is the reality when it comes to health-care and long-term care costs? CLICK HERE to find out.

Inflation Protection For Retirement

2016-09-25 19_00_55-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useWhile inflation may currently be low, the author of today’s article warns that “this makes the possibility of an inflation threat going forward even more likely.” Moreover, she notes that health care costs are rising faster than inflation. All of this poses a particular threat to retirees relying on sources of income that lack inflation protection. As such, the author outlines four investment options for retirement in inflationary times – Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS), annuities, stocks and commercial real estate. To read about the potential benefits and drawbacks of each option, CLICK HERE.