Reading The Penny Stock News

2020-07-26 19_41_07-Liberty title with depicted profile of man on coin · Free Stock Photo“While large-cap stocks might spike slightly on certain headlines, more times than not, penny stocks tend to experience a compound effect,” notes the author of today’s article, who proceeds to examine three penny stocks that have recently had big news – and what that news could mean for those stocks heading into the final week of July. For more, CLICK HERE.

“Already Lucrative And Growing Like Gangbusters”: The Little-Known Biotech Segment Set For A Massive Breakout

2020-07-22 21_55_47-man in white dress shirt wearing black framed eyeglasses photo – Free Human Imag“As an investor, this sets up a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor and earn triple-digit profits in short order,” advises the author of today’s article in regards to a little-known segment of the thriving biotech industry that appears poised for a massive breakout to the upside in the coming months. Just what is this biotech segment that’s deserving of attention? CLICK HERE.

The End Of The TINA Trade?

2020-07-22 07_32_14-WindowAre we approaching the end of the TINA – “There Is No Alternative” (to buying stocks) – trade? The author of today’s article believes that’s likely the case, stating that “U.S. stocks are trading at a historically high premium… And in the coming weeks, stocks are about to get a lot more expensive. This, coupled with the realities associated with the economic outlook, have important implications for the U.S. stock market outlook.” For more, CLICK HERE.

The Future Of CRISPR

2020-07-19 20_38_08-WindowGiven the fact that it has already demonstrated remarkable performance without even having any products with regulatory approval for sale, just where could biotech CRISPR Therapeutics, with its focus on the treatment of serious diseases using its proprietary CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing platform, be five years from now? For more on the promise of this firm’s pipeline projects, CLICK HERE.

The Best Options To Maximize Gains From This Pandemic Opportunity

2020-07-16 22_46_40-Assorted various equipment for tacking and checking blood from vein · Free StockWhen it comes to making money on options, the author of today’s article observes that “being right on the direction of a stock is half the battle. You need to know which options to buy too to maximize your gains.” With this in mind, the author proceeds to outline a simple options trade that could result in a gain of 480% by September, noting that the target company “is turning the coronavirus pandemic into an opportunity, and investors will reap the rewards from this strategy in a matter of months.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Novavax: Now Or Never?

2020-07-15 10_27_56-WindowAfter being awarded $1.6 billion in funding by the U.S. government as part of its fast-track COVID-19 vaccine program Operation Warp Speed – the largest deal made by the program – shares of Novavax surged 32% in one trading session. On the heels of this surge, do shares of Novavax have more room to run – or is there little potential left in this biotech that has yet to turn a profit or successfully bring a product to market? For why the author of today’s article believes that Novavax stock is a buy – but only for aggressive investors with an appetite for risk – CLICK HERE.

This Little-Known “Daily Grind” Biotech May Be A Better Way To Play The Sector

2020-07-12 20_02_22-WindowWhile most of the attention in the biotech sector is focused on potential COVID-19 treatments or vaccines, the author of today’s article argues that there’s “a better way to play the sector, which is via companies whose roles in the daily grind of drug manufacturing and research will remain crucial regardless of the ups and downs of any particular acute developments.” He proceeds to highlight a little-known biotech that, while likely to play a role in the manufacturing of any successful COVID-19 related treatments, does not have its fortunes tied to the success of any particular candidate – and thus is positioned to continue its upward trajectory. For more, CLICK HERE.

After Monster Moves Higher, It May Not Be Too Late To Get In On These Top-Performing Pharmaceutical Stocks

2020-07-09 08_16_16-person holding amber glass bottles photo – Free Apparel Image on UnsplashWith their shares having surged by more than 484%, 500% and 275%, respectively, the three stocks highlighted in today’s article are three of the best-performing pharmaceutical stocks over the past year – and despite them having already experienced monster moves higher, it may not be too late to get in on these stocks’ gains. For more on these three pharmaceutical stocks, how much higher each can possibly go, and which may be the safest (and the riskiest) bet, CLICK HERE.

How Investors Can Prepare For – And Capitalize On – This Emerging Threat To Stocks

2020-07-06 21_51_38-Person Holding Paper Bag and Face Mask · Free Stock PhotoThe Fed may have helped the stock market rally from the March coronavirus collapse, but the author of today’s article warns that “a new and still largely overlooked risk has emerged with the calming of the COVID-19 crisis…And if this risk starts to manifest itself going forward, it will likely bring the U.S. stock market to its knees.” What is this risk – and how can investors position themselves today to prepare for – and even capitalize on – this risk? CLICK HERE.