A Portfolio For Aggressive Retirement Savers

2018-01-28 06_52_41-Free stock photo of belt, cash, credit cardToday’s article outlines a mutual fund portfolio for aggressive retirement savers – i.e. investors who are still many years away from retirement (or who are closer to retirement but already have their in-retirement income needs covered). As the author notes, these individuals can “reasonably hold more in potentially more volatile subasset classes, such as small-cap stocks and foreign stocks and bonds… With less concern for short-term portfolio gyrations, they can benefit from the extra diversification and potentially higher returns that these subasset classes can provide.” For more on the Aggressive Retirement Saver portfolio, CLICK HERE.

Should TIPS Be Getting More Respect From Retirees?

2018-01-28 06_48_31-Woman Looking at Sunset · Free Stock PhotoThe author of today’s article calls them “the Rodney Dangerfield of retirement investing” as they are getting no respect. The investment in question? Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) – which the author notes have been producing disappointing returns in recent years compared to regular Treasurys. However, while many retirees have been abandoning TIPS in favor of regular Treasurys, he cautions that “many of the criticisms of TIPS reflect a fundamental misunderstanding” of what they can offer. For more, CLICK HERE.

Here’s How The Right Investors Can Still Get A Pension-Like Benefit In Retirement

2018-01-21 18_17_23-Free stock photo of american, bills, businessTraditional corporate pensions have largely fallen by the wayside in recent decades – but there is a way that investors in particular situations can still get a pension-like benefit in retirement: personal defined-benefit plans. The author of today’s article notes that, while few investors are even aware they exist, “they very much do, though now it’s up to us to set them up. And there can be huge tax advantages for doing so.” For more – including who defined-benefit plans are right for (and who they aren’t for) – CLICK HERE.

“A New Way To Income”: Could Retirees Benefit From This Leveraged ETF?

2018-01-21 18_13_57-Free stock photo of architecture, bridge, brooklyn bridgeLeverage and retirement don’t conventionally go together – but a new exchange-traded fund targeting retirees who require more income than they can get from a typical 60-40 stock-bond portfolio is looking to include a leverage component in an effort to provide investors with superior returns. As today’s article outlines, “this fund takes those vanilla investments, adds a dollop of exposure to racier asset classes that have historically generated higher income, sprinkles in some leverage and, voila, investors get a fund that can support a 7 percent annual distribution rate.” For more, CLICK HERE.

2018’s Potential Potholes On The Path To Retirement

2018-01-17 14_15_25-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useThe stock market is rising, tax rates are falling, and the final GOP tax reform bill didn’t make dramatic changes to 401(k) contributions. All of this would seem to be good news for retirees and retirement savers. However, today’s article outlines a number of things that retirees and those approaching retirement may be wise to keep an eye on this year – including possible Medicare and Social Security cutbacks, the “double-edged sword” of higher interest rates, the elimination of Roth “do-overs”, and more. For more, CLICK HERE.

Mitigating Against Unlucky Returns

2018-01-14 14_06_04-Free stock photo of blowball, dandelion, dandelion seedIt can have a dramatic impact on your retirement – and, unfortunately, it is largely out of your control. We’re talking about the market’s sequence of returns leading up to – and throughout – your golden years. The author of today’s article illustrates the impact that differing sequence of returns can have on the equity portion of one’s portfolio and, noting that individuals thinking of retiring in the next year or two “are vulnerable to an unlucky sequence”, looks at some strategies to mitigate this threat. For more, CLICK HERE.

These Market Events Could Throw Monkey Wrenches In Plans To Retire

2018-01-08 19_12_23-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useIf you’re planning on retiring this year – or in the next few years – the author of today’s article warns that there are some “potentially market changing events” that could throw a wrench into those plans – and he proceeds to detail three to be cognizant of. The first could come as early as April, the second involves a possible witch hunt against some of the FAANG companies, and in regards to the third the author admits “This is the one I don’t like to talk about.” For more, CLICK HERE.

“Money On The Table”: Why Retirees Aren’t Touching Their Retirement Savings – Even After Two Decades

2018-01-08 19_10_41-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useThe common belief about retirement assets is that they are systematically drawn down by retirees over the course of their retirement. However, it turns out that this may not actually be the case. Today’s article highlights a surprising research finding: most current retirees, across all wealth levels, have been holding onto the bulk of their retirement savings, even 20 years into retirement. What accounts for this “unexpected resiliency of retirement assets” – and is it likely to remain the case for future retirees? CLICK HERE for more.