The Pros & Cons Of Managed-Payout Funds For Retirement Income

2017-10-29 18_46_00-Pink and White Ceramic Pig Coin Bank · Free Stock Photo“Is there a hybrid solution that can give you some of the lifetime income of an annuity, while offering the inflation protection and principal availability of an investment portfolio?” This is the question that the author of today’s article poses before examining one possible option in that regard: managed-payout funds. After delving into the managed-payout funds (and related investment products) offered by some big players, he provides an overview of the pros and cons of these retirement income vehicles. Are they really “one-stop shopping” for retirement income? CLICK HERE.

“Retirees In The Lurch”: Warnings From A New Government Report

2017-10-21 14_29_50-Free stock photo of black, business, computerA new report from the Government Accountability Office details the serious retirement challenges that Americans are facing, and – in an effort to ward off (or at least mitigate the damage from) an impending retirement crisis in the country, is urging lawmakers in Congress to form an independent commission to study – and come up with solutions to – these challenges. From Social Security, to workplace retirement plans, to personal savings, what issues is the GAO sounding the alarm over? CLICK HERE.

Why Your Retirement Portfolio Could Benefit From These “Downright Boring” Investments

2017-10-21 14_27_11-Free stock photo of arrows, box, businessWhen it comes to building retirement wealth, the author of today’s article points out that “one of the best strategies is also the simplest: Buy shares in great companies, and hold forever.” “Great”, however, doesn’t necessarily mean flashy and exciting. The author proceeds to highlight three stocks that may be considered rather boring, but which could nonetheless be helpful in building retirement wealth. To find out what these three stocks are – including one that has been beating the likes of Amazon and Apple despite its boring business – CLICK HERE.

Retirement Income Planning As Easy As 3-7-5

2017-10-21 14_24_44-Free stock photo of adult, age, elderlyThe accumulation stage of retirement planning (during one’s working years) can certainly be stressful enough in and of itself, but the decumulation stage (once in retirement) may be even more so. Get it wrong and you may run out of money before you run out of life (which happens to be a major fear of nearly two-thirds of Americans!). As such, the author of today’s article lays out a “useful method that can be used to address retirement income” – the “3-7-5 strategy”. CLICK HERE.

This Little-Noticed Tax-Reform Provision Could Have Big Implications For Future Retirees

2017-10-20 19_10_06-Free stock photo of accounting, analytics, balanceThe Trump tax reform plan has gotten a lot of attention (both positive and negative) of late. One aspect of the plan that has not gotten much notice, however, is a provision that the author of today’s article notes “would mark a landmark shift in the way that the government handles a key issue” – and this shift could ultimately have significant implications for future retirees in the form of reduced benefits. To read more, CLICK HERE.

What’s Your “Magic Dividend Number” For Retirement – And How Can You Achieve It?

2017-10-15 08_57_14-Free stock photo of couple, elderly, manWhen it comes to calculating your “magic number” for retirement (how much you need to save in order to retire comfortably), various formulas have been suggested (Fidelity, for example, recommends that you save the equivalent of 10 times your final salary). The author of today’s article, however, sees this approach as “fatally flawed” and recommends using a “magic dividend number” for retirement instead. What are the flaws the author sees with the traditional magic number approach? What is the “magic dividend number” – and where can retirees find the yields necessary to achieve it? CLICK HERE.

These 2 Growth Stocks May Be Retirement-Friendly

2017-10-09 05_19_13-Free stock photo of blur, close-up, focusRetirement is a time for “Steady-Eddie” dividend-paying stocks and not a time for growth stocks (and the volatility that is inextricably linked to them). Such is the common wisdom. However, the authors of today’s article believe that not all growth stocks should be painted with the same retirement-incompatible brush – and they proceed to highlight two growth stocks (which also pay dividends) that may work well as investments for retirees. To read more, CLICK HERE.

ETF Your Way To Retirement With These Strategies

2017-10-09 05_16_29-Free stock photo of adult, brother, childWhether you are still young and have high risk tolerance, are middle-aged with moderate risk tolerance, or are at retirement and need reliable income, today’s article seeks to answer the following question: “How can you buy ETFs to build a comprehensive, long-term retirement portfolio?” For each of the aforementioned life stages, the author outlines the types of core – and supplemental – exchange-traded funds to consider for your portfolio – and identifies some specific funds that may be the best picks in fulfilling these strategies. To read more, CLICK HERE.

Even If You Have A Retirement Plan, Is It Viable?

2017-10-09 05_29_36-Man Walking in the Forest · Free Stock PhotoIf you even have a retirement plan at all you are undoubtedly ahead of most Americans. Still, even if you have taken this important step, the question needs to be asked: is the retirement plan you have drafted viable? The author of today’s article outlines how pre-retirees can go about assessing the adequacy of their savings rate – and how retirees can gauge the sustainability of their spending rate. For the steps involved in these tasks – and some online tools for completing them – CLICK HERE.