The SECURE Act Isn’t The Only Major Change To Retirement Saving This Year

2020-01-05 21_23_02-Silver Imac Displaying Line Graph Placed on Desk · Free Stock PhotoThe SECURE Act, which went into effect on January 1st, will change the way workers save for retirement, the way retirees spend down their retirement savings, and the way beneficiaries will receive money from inherited retirement accounts. But the various provisions of the SECURE Act aren’t the only ways that saving for retirement will change this year. As today’s article notes, “Other trends have been in motion over the last few years” – and the author outlines three trends that will impact how Americans save for retirement this year and beyond. For more, CLICK HERE.

How Millennials, Blockchain And AI Are Reshaping The Retirement Planning Industry

2018-05-12 15_53_07-Bitcoin vs Altcoins photo by Andre Francois (@silverhousehd) on UnsplashWhile millennials on the whole are not saving adequately for retirement, a growing number of them are investing in cryptocurrencies – and, as today’s article notes, one of the main reasons they are doing so is for retirement purposes. At the same time, “Innovative startups are redefining the retirement landscape by using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to create new retirement savings solutions.” For more on how millennials, blockchain and artificial intelligence are reshaping the retirement planning industry, CLICK HERE.

What The GOP’s New Tax Bill Would Mean For Retirees – And Retirement Savers

2017-11-05 19_17_26-Free stock photo of bamboo, board, bookThe GOP’s new tax bill – the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) – is far from a done deal (see the GOP’s failure on healthcare reform). Still, the author of today’s article advises that “those living in retirement and saving for retirement should start to review their sources of income, their expenses, prior tax returns, and conduct what-if analyses to learn how the TCJA might affect them personally.” So what do those currently in retirement – and those currently saving and investing for retirement – need to know about the bill’s provisions? CLICK HERE.

How The Very Mental Habits That Help You Prepare For Retirement Can Also Harm The Quality Of It

2017-05-07 12_48_11-White Piggy Bank on Brown Wooden Surface · Free Stock PhotoTalk about a double-edged sword: the very mental habits that are advantageous when it comes to saving for retirement and building a nest egg can be harmful once in retirement and spending down that nest egg. The implication of this reversal, according to the author of today’s article? “It can lead to a much less satisfying retirement – one in which people spend too little money and spend it on the wrong things, as well as take on too much investment risk.” What are these habits – and how can they be conquered when they become harmful? CLICK HERE to read more.