Spend Now Or Spend Later? The Consequential Retirement Tradeoff

2019-06-02 22_01_18-Photo of Black Flat Screen Monitor · Free Stock PhotoIt’s an important decision with potentially major consequences: how much do you take out of your portfolio each year when you retire. Take out too much and you risk running out of money down the line; take out too little and you are foregoing a better retirement lifestyle and experiences. In today’s article, the author runs some hypothetical numbers illustrating the potential impact of this tradeoff – and outlines some options for dealing with it. For more, CLICK HERE.

2 Stocks To Help You Retire Rich, Whatever Happens With Social Security

2019-03-07 22_12_27-20+ Amazing Rich Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosNoting the troubles ahead for Social Security, the author of today’s article warns “Don’t count on the government, your employer, or anyone else to pay for the lifestyle you want to enjoy in retirement. It’s truly up to you.” To help you in this endeavor, he proceeds to highlight two stocks that have been rewarding shareholders with massive gains – and are positioned to continue doing so for decades to come. For these two stocks – including a $94 trillion investment opportunity centered around the global expansion of the middle class – CLICK HERE.

A Comprehensive Look At Retirement Considerations For Couples

2019-02-17 19_20_27-1000+ Engaging Retired Couple Photos · Pexels · Free Stock Photos“Every aspect of life is affected by the decision to retire, including relationships, health and wellness, and of course finances,” notes the author of today’s article, who proceeds to provide an overview of what couples nearing retirement need to do in regards to each of those aspects of life, including budgeting, Social Security, drawing down of assets, health care (and long-term care), relationship maintenance, and lifestyle expectations. For more, CLICK HERE.

It’s Complicated: Considerations When Incorporating Employee Stock Options Into Your Retirement Plan

2018-04-24 06_12_47-Free stock photos of employee · PexelsWhen it comes to amassing enough wealth to be able to fund the retirement lifestyle of your choosing, there are a number of potential sources to consider beyond a 401(k), including Social Security, pensions…and employee stock options. In regards to the latter, how can employee stock options be best incorporated into one’s overall retirement plan? Acknowledging that “the answer can get complicated”, the author of today’s article details the considerations involved – including some critical tax considerations. For more, CLICK HERE.

Doing This One Simple Thing Can Help Improve Your Retirement Preparedness And Confidence – But Less Than A Quarter Of Americans Have Done It

2017-07-23 13_45_07-Black Pencil on White Paper · Free Stock PhotoIf there was one simple thing that you could do that could help you be better prepared financially for – and boost your confidence in your ability to maintain your desired lifestyle in – retirement, would you do it? Well, as today’s article highlights, there is such a thing – yet less than a quarter of Americans have done it. What is the undertaking in question (which involves putting pen to paper) – and how can you go about doing it? CLICK HERE to find out.

Retiring Abroad: Cautions And Considerations

2016-08-01 07_28_29-Morguefile.com free stock photosIt may be a nice place to visit, but do you want to live there (in retirement)? Today’s article provides some cautions and considerations for those wishing to join the ranks of retirees living abroad from Dan Prescher, the senior editor for retirement lifestyle magazine International Living. How long does Prescher advise spending on the ground in your foreign retirement locale of choice to get a true sense of the day-to-day living and become aware of any deal breakers? What does he believe should be the driving factor in the decision to retire abroad? (It’s not lower costs!) And what about tax and health care considerations? To read more, CLICK HERE.

Could Your Retirement Be One Long Cruise?

2016-08-01 07_18_03-Morguefile.com free stock photosWhen contemplating where you will live in retirement, have you considered a cruise ship? Should you? Today’s article argues that “depending on their home city and income level, retirees may find living aboard a cruise ship makes financial sense when compared to other retirement living options, especially in expensive locales” and cites a study finding that “when considered over a 20-year span, cruises were comparably priced to assisted living centers and offered a better quality of life.” To read more about how the costs compare, as well as about additional considerations for this retirement lifestyle, CLICK HERE.