How To Avoid The Game Of Chance – And Retire For Real

2018-09-13 19_07_18-40+ Engaging Dice Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosWhen it comes to 401(k)s and IRAs, the author of today’s article argues that “Gambling away your retirement funds in a government-sponsored game of chance is a game you have little hope of winning.” Instead, he asserts that if you want to retire for real (and early), the key is attaining financial freedom – which requires focusing on cash flow rather than capital gains. For more – including the opportunity the author sees in a coming depression – CLICK HERE.

It’s Complicated: Considerations When Incorporating Employee Stock Options Into Your Retirement Plan

2018-04-24 06_12_47-Free stock photos of employee · PexelsWhen it comes to amassing enough wealth to be able to fund the retirement lifestyle of your choosing, there are a number of potential sources to consider beyond a 401(k), including Social Security, pensions…and employee stock options. In regards to the latter, how can employee stock options be best incorporated into one’s overall retirement plan? Acknowledging that “the answer can get complicated”, the author of today’s article details the considerations involved – including some critical tax considerations. For more, CLICK HERE.

Researchers Believe This Is The Best Retirement Income Strategy

2018-02-04 15_31_13-White Tablet Computer on Brown Wooden Table · Free Stock PhotoWhat’s the best way to ensure that your retirement funds will last as long as you do? A research team at Stanford sought to answer that question, and after analyzing 292 retirement income strategies, has identified what it believes is the best strategy – one which “produces more average total retirement income expected throughout retirement compared to most solutions… and provides a lifetime income, no matter how long the participant lives.” For the two key components of this strategy – dubbed the “spend safely in retirement” strategy – CLICK HERE.

Funds For A Skinny Retirement Portfolio

2018-02-04 18_30_25-Free stock photo of beach, blur, close-upWho says retirement portfolios have to be complicated? Whether you are in the pre-retirement accumulation phase or are already in retirement, and whether you are looking for single-fund options or want to take a building-block approach to your retirement investments, today’s article highlights a number of funds that allow you to “skinny things down by focusing on investments that provide a lot of diversification in a single shot.” For more, CLICK HERE.

This “In The Shadows” Fund Can Help Retirees Avoid Running Out Of Money

2017-07-18 22_20_17-Free stock photo of black-and-white, chess, darkApproximately 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day – and many may find that saving for retirement was actually the easy part, while the real challenge will be making sure that their nest eggs last as long as they do. Today’s article highlights one financial tool that may be of assistance to retirees who want to avoid running out of money – retirement income funds (also known as managed payout funds). What are retirement income funds – and what are their advantages and drawbacks compared to annuities? CLICK HERE to find out.

Investments For Each Decade Of Life – And A 50-50 Stock/Bond Split In Retirement?

2017-06-11 07_11_10-Person Standing on Concrete Stone Under White Clouds during Sunset · Free StockWhether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, or 60s and beyond, today’s article has some tailor-made investing guidance for you – including some specific funds for those in each decade of life to consider. In addition, the article examines whether – contrary to conventional wisdom – a 50-50 stock/bond split may be appropriate for retirees, as has been recently advocated by Vanguard founder Jack Bogle. To read more, CLICK HERE.

How To Retire With (Mental) Buckets Of Money

2017-03-19 06_52_30-Gold Coins · Free Stock PhotoToday’s article has a simple message: You should retire with buckets of money. This seems obvious enough – you want to build as large of a retirement nest egg as possible. The buckets of money referred to in this case, however, are figurative – part of a mental accounting strategy whereby retirement expenses are broken down into “buckets” and then specific retirement income sources are identified to meet the needs of each bucket. To read more about how this bucketing strategy for retirement works, CLICK HERE.

New IRS Guidance Could Save Your Nest Egg

2016-08-27 free stock photos“This is a big deal and it will help a lot of people,” declares a certified public accountant in today’s article on the Internal Revenue Service’s easing of a rule that previously had retirement savers who exceeded the 60-day window for IRA rollovers face substantial taxes and penalties. Under the new relaxed guidance, retirement savers who do not roll over retirement funds before the 60-day deadline “can avoid the dire tax treatment in certain circumstances.” To read more about this change – including what those “certain circumstances” are – CLICK HERE.