How Lottery Money Can Help Fund Your Retirement (But Not In The Way You Think)

2019-06-30 18_06_23-Documentary work for the UK National ... _ HD photo by dylan nolte (@dylan_nolteNearly 40% of U.S. consumers (and nearly 60% of millennials) see winning the lottery as a reasonable way to fund retirement, leading the author of today’s article to scoff that “You might as well bet on the tooth fairy paying off your credit card balance every month.” However, he also outlines how Americans’ lotto habit can actually help fund their golden years – just not in the way you think. For more, CLICK HERE.

This “In The Shadows” Fund Can Help Retirees Avoid Running Out Of Money

2017-07-18 22_20_17-Free stock photo of black-and-white, chess, darkApproximately 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day – and many may find that saving for retirement was actually the easy part, while the real challenge will be making sure that their nest eggs last as long as they do. Today’s article highlights one financial tool that may be of assistance to retirees who want to avoid running out of money – retirement income funds (also known as managed payout funds). What are retirement income funds – and what are their advantages and drawbacks compared to annuities? CLICK HERE to find out.

What Low Returns, Longer Lives And Legacy Goals Mean For Retirement Saving Rates

2017-02-12 19_15_11-Black Ballpoint Pen on White Printer Paper Near Black and Blue Computer Mouse ·How much do you need to save in order to fund your desired standard of living in retirement? More than you think, according to a new study. Dramatically more. The reasons for this gap between the rates at which Americans are saving for retirement and the rates at which they should be saving? Low returns, longer lives and legacy goals. To read about what these factors mean for retirement saving – and for the author’s advice on what retirement savers should do in this “low-return, long-longevity world” – CLICK HERE.