Tactics When Retiring In Terrible Times (Such As The Next Few Years?)

2018-05-24 07_37_12-Free stock photos of calendar · PexelsThe good news? American workers’ confidence in their ability to retire is growing. The bad news? As today’s article observes, “the same forces that are fueling retirement confidence have the potential to work against new retirees in the years ahead–especially higher stock-market valuations.” While retirees have no control over the type of market environment that will prevail over their early retirement years, there are some tactics they can employ to increase the sustainability of their portfolios should they end up retiring at a terrible time. For more, CLICK HERE.

Is Your Retirement Confidence Well-Founded Or Foolish?

2017-02-05 12_34_36-Films & TVThe latest Retirement Confidence Survey from the Employee Benefit Research Institute found that 63% of workers express confidence in having enough money for a comfortable retirement. But with the average 401(k) having a balance of less than $100,000, the author of today’s article states that “you have to wonder how accurate their self-assessment is.” He proceeds to outline five things to look at in determining whether you are doing a good job preparing for retirement – or just fooling yourself into believing that you are. CLICK HERE to read more.

Retirement Confidence: How To Get Into the 21%

2016-04-03 11_27_34-Microsoft Office Picture ManagerWhat percentage of Americans are “very confident they’ll have enough money to live comfortably throughout their retirement”? According to the survey cited in today’s article – conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute – that number is just 21%, a number that “hasn’t changed all that much in the 26 years EBRI has been tracking retirement confidence.” As such, the author outlines several ways to boost retirement confidence that the EBRI has identified via its research over the years. If you are not among the 21% and want to be, CLICK HERE to see what the EBRI recommends.