A Retirement Calculator Worth Checking Out

2018-03-21 20_52_59-Free stock photos of calculator · PexelsRetirement calculators are a dime a dozen. Which calculators are worth your time and effort and actually provide useful – and actionable – feedback? The author of today’s article recommends checking out one particular retirement calculator, which he assesses to be one of the best of the bunch and which provides you with two assessments, gauging your “chances of a financially comfortable retirement using both optimistic and pessimistic assumptions.” For more on this particular retirement planning tool, CLICK HERE.

This Firm Is Offering A Whole New Approach To Retirement Planning

2017-09-17 10_05_01-Free stock photo of application, blur, business“We’ve invented a new approach to money management,” claims Matt Fellowes, Founder and CEO of United Income – which is pitching itself as a one-stop shop for helping Americans tackle all of the difficult financial questions that surround retirement. What does United Income’s comprehensive, personalized, “big data” approach to retirement planning offer that other firms, online retirement calculators and financial planning software don’t, according to Fellowes? CLICK HERE to find out.

Is Your Retirement Saving On Track? Find Out With These Online Calculators

2017-08-06 17_00_13-Black Calculator · Free Stock PhotoWhen it comes to saving for retirement, the author of today’s article states that “although there are no shortcuts to saving – you just need to get on an automatic program and save as much as possible – there are some quick routes to finding out the right numbers.” Among those “quick routes” are retirement calculators which, while not perfect, can provide a decent assessment as to whether you are on track with your saving. The author proceeds to highlight three online retirement calculators that retirement savers may find particularly useful. To read more, CLICK HERE.

Is Your Retirement Calculator Faulty?

2016-05-22 21_39_55-Morguefile.com free stock photos“Many people use retirement calculators to estimate whether they’re on track, but even the best calculator is subject to the universal rule of computer programs – garbage in, garbage out.” Today’s article outlines several common mistakes people make when assessing their financial preparedness for retirement that might produce a deceptively rosy picture of how on-track they are. By how much does the author suggest reducing your expected Social Security benefits? What percentage of retirees would like to work but are unable to, according to one study? What percentage of people end up retiring earlier than they (and their nest egg) had planned on? CLICK HERE to read more.