Newsletters: The Retiree’s “Low-Cost Friend”

2020-03-14 17_27_13-silhouette of two person sitting during golden hour photo – Free People Image onFor retirees who want to avoid the sting of high adviser fees, investment newsletters can be one of their best – and low-cost – friends. As today’s article explains, “There are a handful of low-cost newsletters available with decades-long track records that provide independent advice. They are not produced by the fund companies they cover. And they offer guidance through monthly digital and print publications, model portfolios, weekly hotlines and website access, all at a small fraction of the cost of investment fees charged by financial advisers or portfolio managers.” For more – including who the newsletter approach works best for and the best way to pick one – CLICK HERE.

Do Near-Retirees Now Need To Change Their Plans?

2020-03-14 17_24_08-brown wooden dock near calm body of water surrounded by trees photo – Free PierIt’s a question that could not be more relevant for those planning to retire in the near future than it is right now: Should you delay retirement in light of recent market volatility? The answer offered by the author of today’s article is “You probably should – but that’s not the whole story.” So what is the “whole story” on how much the retirement plans of near-retirees may need to change now? CLICK HERE.

“Gut Check”: How One Man’s Extremely Bad Luck Is A Wake-Up Call For Retirees

2020-03-09 20_13_00-Window“This is very disconcerting and very bad timing,” says Tracy Donaldson, a newly retired Floridian who had the extremely bad luck of retiring the same week the Dow dropped significantly on coronavirus fears. But while Donaldson’s guaranteed pension and Social Security mean he’ll be fine even in the event of a lengthy downturn, many retirees may find themselves in a much more fragile position – and Donaldson’s bad luck should serve as a wake-up call. For more, CLICK HERE.

Which Stocks Offer Retirees The Most Reliability?

2020-03-05 22_29_32-Photo Of An Old Woman · Free Stock PhotoWhat are the most reliable stocks for retirees? Today’s article seeks to answer this question by looking at two articles from Kiplinger, one featuring a “group of retirement stocks that includes both pure income plays and growth companies, with a focus on very-long-term performance and durability”, and a second highlighting 20 dividend stocks that “should fund at least 20 years of retirement, if not more. They have paid uninterrupted dividends for more than 20 consecutive years, appear to have secure payouts and have the potential to collectively grow… dividends to protect investors’ purchasing power.” For more, CLICK HERE.

A Smart – And Little-Known – Spousal Social Security Strategy

2020-03-05 18_21_21-Person Using Black and Gray Laptop Computer Beside White Ceramic Cup on Brown WoWhen it comes to Social Security benefits, the author of today’s article points out an unfortunate reality: “Many retirees are depending on their benefits for a substantial source of income, yet they don’t fully understand how to maximize those monthly checks.” She proceeds to outline a little-known Social Security strategy for couples that, while perhaps not a pleasant one to think about or discuss, can help ensure a more comfortable retirement for you or your spouse. For more, CLICK HERE.

Opting In To (Or Not Opting Out Of) Higher Retirement Wealth

2020-02-12 22_21_18-WindowCan something as simple as how a question is asked have a dramatic impact on an individual’s retirement wealth? A just-published study finds that, indeed, it can! In fact, the authors of the study found that “How a deceptively simple question gets asked can lead to an improvement in retirement wealth of up to 50%”. What is this “deceptively simple question” – and how can how it gets asked lead to such a significant improvement in retirement wealth? CLICK HERE.

The Paradoxes That Can “Bedevil” Financial Decision-Making

2020-01-25 09_10_24-Light Bulb · Free Stock PhotoThe worst fear of retirees is coming to the end of their money before they come to the end of their lives, and yet, as the author of today’s article observes, “few choose the financial product that is purpose-built to solve that problem”. This is just one of many paradoxes that can “bedevil” financial decision-making, and while there’s nothing we can do about these paradoxes, the author advises that “there is great value in being aware of them, so we can approach them with the right tools and the right mindset.” For more paradoxes to be cognizant of, CLICK HERE.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Dealing With A Stock Market Downturn In Retirement

2020-01-18 15_49_08-white clouds photo – Free Blue Image on UnsplashIf faced with stock market volatility or a downturn in retirement, would you reduce your investments in stocks? In one survey, a third of pre-retiree respondents indicated that they would do just that – but this may not be the best (or even a good) strategy. What does the author of today’s article point to as being “The key to successfully riding out stock market volatility or a downturn in retirement”? CLICK HERE.

Navigating The World Of High-Yield ETFs

2020-01-14 21_03_23-WindowHigh-yield exchange-traded funds can be attractive to retirees seeking current income or to any investor seeking diversification. However, the author of today’s article reminds us that “handsome yields always come with a cost in either higher risk or diminished growth” – and so, in order to help navigate the world of high-yield ETFs, he highlights what he sees as the best high-yield funds from seven different categories, including high-yield domestic stock funds, junk bond funds and preferred stock funds. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Secret That Makes Berkshire Hathaway The “Single Best Retirement Stock Out There Today”

2020-01-08 20_46_17-White and Pink Flowers Beside A Canister · Free Stock Photo“It’s easier than you think to identify Warren Buffett’s top retirement stock. Don’t overthink it. It’s his own company: Berkshire Hathaway,” declares the author of today’s article, who identifies the “secret” that allows Berkshire to deliver such impressive returns – and which makes it “the single best retirement stock out there today.” For this – and more reasons why Berkshire is a perfect stock for retirees – CLICK HERE.