ETF Your Way To Retirement With These Strategies

2017-10-09 05_16_29-Free stock photo of adult, brother, childWhether you are still young and have high risk tolerance, are middle-aged with moderate risk tolerance, or are at retirement and need reliable income, today’s article seeks to answer the following question: “How can you buy ETFs to build a comprehensive, long-term retirement portfolio?” For each of the aforementioned life stages, the author outlines the types of core – and supplemental – exchange-traded funds to consider for your portfolio – and identifies some specific funds that may be the best picks in fulfilling these strategies. To read more, CLICK HERE.

Long-Term Growth Stocks For Longer Retirements

2016-07-03 13_45_34-Films & TVThe good news? The length of time the average 65-year-old can expect to continue living is at an all-time high (20 years) and continues to rise. The downside? Having to ensure that one’s nest egg will last this longer period of time. One step towards success in this regard is investing in stocks that are well-positioned for long-term profit growth, and the three contributors to today’s article each highlight one stock they believe fits the bill. To see what stocks they selected – a real estate investment trust, a retail pharmacy chain and an automaker – as well as their analysis of why their pick is primed for long-term growth, CLICK HERE.