Mergers And Acquisitions Will Drive Biotech Post-Vaccine – And This ETF Could Benefit

“Once a tried-and-true [COVID-19] vaccine is developed and subsequently incorporated as standard fare in medical practice, one driver of biotech will be mergers and acquisitions,” advises the author of today’s article. He proceeds to highlight an ETF that could benefit from this particular driving force – a fund that has generated a 30% return this year. For more, CLICK HERE.

Which Stocks Offer Retirees The Most Reliability?

2020-03-05 22_29_32-Photo Of An Old Woman · Free Stock PhotoWhat are the most reliable stocks for retirees? Today’s article seeks to answer this question by looking at two articles from Kiplinger, one featuring a “group of retirement stocks that includes both pure income plays and growth companies, with a focus on very-long-term performance and durability”, and a second highlighting 20 dividend stocks that “should fund at least 20 years of retirement, if not more. They have paid uninterrupted dividends for more than 20 consecutive years, appear to have secure payouts and have the potential to collectively grow… dividends to protect investors’ purchasing power.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Why These Funds Could Be The “New Retirement Income”

2020-02-23 20_04_37-White Textile Beside Lit Candle · Free Stock Photo“With powerful demographic forces keeping interest rates lower for longer, investors (and financial advisors!) need to adjust their thinking for the future,” declares the author of today’s article, who cites a report from Morgan Stanley warning that, over the next 10 years, returns from a traditional 60/40 portfolio will be close to a century low. So what can investors do to get higher yields in this environment? The author recommends a particular type of investment structure offering much higher yields. For more, CLICK HERE.

Retiring On The S&P 500 Alone

2020-02-13 22_55_14-Green Tree · Free Stock PhotoCan you retire on the S&P 500 alone? This is the question that the author of today’s article examines, stating the following: “For investors just starting out and dollar-cost-averaging into their ROTH IRAs or 401ks, an S&P 500 Index Fund can be a good foundational holding. But what about as you age and prepare to retire? Can a well-diversified large cap stock fund such as the S&P 500 (or a “Total” Stock Index) provide you the ongoing income you will need in your later years?” For his analysis of – and answer to – this question, CLICK HERE.

Navigating The World Of High-Yield ETFs

2020-01-14 21_03_23-WindowHigh-yield exchange-traded funds can be attractive to retirees seeking current income or to any investor seeking diversification. However, the author of today’s article reminds us that “handsome yields always come with a cost in either higher risk or diminished growth” – and so, in order to help navigate the world of high-yield ETFs, he highlights what he sees as the best high-yield funds from seven different categories, including high-yield domestic stock funds, junk bond funds and preferred stock funds. For more, CLICK HERE.

A Million-Dollar Retirement For The Low Price Of $405K

2019-09-28 16_22_20-Trawangan island on a clear day _ HD photo by roman raizen (@raizen) on Unsplash$1 million is the figure commonly cited by financial experts when it comes to how much you need for retirement. In today’s article, however, the author outlines a way in which you can retire on less than half that amount — $405,000 – with just five buys which, in combination, “hand you a 7.4%-yielding portfolio that will pay you reliably for decades.” For more on this “5-buy” portfolio – which uses a “special kind of fund” as its bedrock – CLICK HERE.

Strategies For Drawing Down – Or Preserving – A $1 Million Nest Egg Over A 30-Year Retirement

2019-09-18 09_11_20-Feeling the Water _ HD photo by Josh Hild (@joshhild) on UnsplashIf you’ve been extremely diligent and managed to save $1 million for retirement, how can you best make that $1 million last for a 30-year retirement? Today’s article outlines four different strategies (two conservative approaches and two moderate approaches) to do just that, with two of the strategies involving drawing down that $1 million nest egg over 30 years and the other two strategies preserving all $1 million for the entire 30 years. For more, CLICK HERE.

A 3-Fund “Autopilot” Dividend Portfolio

2019-06-22 20_24_05-Black leather in flatlay _ HD photo by Ivan Zhukevich (@vania_zhu1) on UnsplashHow can you go about building a portfolio that would provide your loved ones with reliable income while requiring little to no maintenance? The author of today’s article lays out one option: A “three-fund portfolio [that] will hand us a diverse collection of investments built to hold up in any market, throw off a steady 8% dividend and pay dividends monthly, to boot.” For the three actively managed funds making up this “autopilot” dividend portfolio, CLICK HERE.

How To “Win With Small Steps” – And Boost Your Retirement Savings By $800,000 Or More

2019-06-16 09_34_09-Man Walking on Gray Stairs · Free Stock PhotoIf you’re one of the (too) many Americans that have too little – or nothing at all – in the way of retirement savings, a simple strategy that could boost your savings by $800,000 (and possibly even more) sounds like something worth having a look at – and that’s exactly what the author of today’s article outlines. And while getting the maximum benefit from this strategy requires having many years until retirement, it can still make a significant difference for those close to retirement. For more on this “win with small steps” strategy, CLICK HERE.