“Bad Losses In Bad Times”: The Risk With Substituting Dividend Payers For Bonds In Retirement

2019-04-10 20_56_45-Man Holding U.s Dollar Banknotes and Black Leather Bi-fold Wallet · Free Stock PWhile the author of today’s article acknowledges that there is much to make dividend-paying stocks appealing as a source of cash flow in retirement, she warns “I get nervous when retirees use them to take the place of bonds altogether. And I think retirees should get nervous, too.” What’s not to like, for retirees, about dividend payers, according to the author? It has to do with the risk of “bad losses in bad times” – and the financial crisis provides a perfect example. For more, CLICK HERE.

Some Attractive (And Some Not-So-Attractive) Monthly Dividend Payers

2018-03-25 20_15_03-Free stock photos of month · PexelsStocks that pay a monthly dividend can be an attractive option – especially for retirees. As the author of today’s article notes, not only do monthly dividend payers provide income on a schedule that matches up with monthly bills, but monthly payouts can be a sign of a company’s stability and they allow for faster gains if those dividends are reinvested. However, not all monthly dividend payers are solid picks. The author proceeds to highlight four monthly dividend stocks – with yields up to 12% – two of which he believes are attractive buys and two of which are less than ideal. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Benefits Of Monthly Dividend Payers – And A “3 Pack” To Consider For 2018

2017-12-20 09_20_58-Tilt Photography of Calendar Schedule Number 18 · Free Stock PhotoMonthly dividend payers can be especially beneficial for retirees to help cover their monthly bills – and the author of today’s article notes two additional – and perhaps overlooked – benefits of these stocks: monthly dividends are a sign of dividend safety and they allow dividend cash to be put to work faster. He proceeds to highlight three top monthly dividend payers from the real estate investment trust and closed-end fund corners of the market to consider for 2018 – and outlines why one popular monthly payer may be best avoided. For more, CLICK HERE.

Small Caps, Big Dividends: 3 Small Cap Stocks With Yields Over 5%

2016-12-18 18_24_59-Films & TVToday’s article notes that, with the Fed finally moving to raise interest rates, “retirees will soon be able to park their money somewhere safer than dividend-paying stocks.” However, the author does not advocate abandoning these stocks altogether, with there still being “under-the-radar dividend payers that offer considerable value for investors willing to take a little more risk.” Three such stocks are highlighted, including the biggest player in the wood pellet markets and a small Nebraska company that help hospitals run more efficiently. To read more about these three stocks, CLICK HERE.