These 3 Tech Stocks Missed Out On 2020’s Rally – But Could Deliver Huge Growth In 2021

The thing that created the conditions that made 2020 so awful for so many – the coronavirus pandemic – also created the conditions for tech to stage an impressive rally. The three promising tech stocks highlighted in today’s article, however, did not participate in that rally. As a result, these underperforming stocks “still trade at levels that leave room for huge growth” and “could turn things around and deliver fantastic returns to shareholders in 2021.” For these three stocks, CLICK HERE.

“A Once-In-A-Lifetime Chance To Turbocharge Your Investment Gains”

The coronavirus pandemic is surging. The economy is in a precarious state. The outcome of the presidential election may well be contested. International tensions are rising. And the author of today’s article advises that “These risks are presenting a once-in-a-lifetime chance to turbocharge your investment gains.” How? By trading options, which he argues is easier than many investors think. For more on how you can use options to realize supersized gains in a short period of time in the current market environment, CLICK HERE.

The Best Options To Maximize Gains From This Pandemic Opportunity

2020-07-16 22_46_40-Assorted various equipment for tacking and checking blood from vein · Free StockWhen it comes to making money on options, the author of today’s article observes that “being right on the direction of a stock is half the battle. You need to know which options to buy too to maximize your gains.” With this in mind, the author proceeds to outline a simple options trade that could result in a gain of 480% by September, noting that the target company “is turning the coronavirus pandemic into an opportunity, and investors will reap the rewards from this strategy in a matter of months.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Sobering Warnings From The Most Accurate Economic Forecaster

2020-07-05 19_32_11-Banknotes of American dollars in hand against flag · Free Stock PhotoThe man who has been ranked as the most accurate forecaster of US economic data eight years in a row by Bloomberg has some sobering warnings when it comes to the country’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic – and how that could impact the current stock market rally. For what he has to say about how long it will take the US to experience a full recovery – and the chances of a stock market correction from August to November – CLICK HERE.

Turn To Liquid Stocks For An Unpredictable Earnings Season

2020-07-05 07_41_50-Person Holding Syringe · Free Stock PhotoThanks to the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, this earnings season may prove to be one of the most unpredictable in a long time. In this environment, a Goldman Sachs strategist advises that the most liquid stocks are likely to outperform – and so he and his team have identified the 13 most liquid S&P 500 stocks. For these stocks to consider as an unusual earnings season gets underway, CLICK HERE.

How To Play It Safe When Playing With Coronavirus OTC Stocks

2020-04-22 20_45_32-Window“While the overall market flirts with a bear, OTC stocks have been on fire,” observes the author of today’s article. And while he acknowledges that OTC stocks strike fear in many people, he reveals that many of his trades recently have been OTC stocks – and he outlines how to play it safe while playing with OTC stocks. For “the 5 Ps of OTC stocks” in the age of coronavirus, CLICK HERE.

How To Earn Better-Than-Average Returns In The Post-Coronavirus Economy

2020-04-16 21_23_35-WindowIf you want to earn just “average” gains in the post-coronavirus economy, invest in broad index funds. But if you want better-than-average returns, stock and non-broad-based ETF picking will be the way to go, argues the author of today’s article. Just what are the many major shifts – from privacy rights to education to biotechnology – that the economy will undergo as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and which stocks and ETFs will benefit? CLICK HERE.