Go “All-In On Growth” With Small-Cap Tech Stocks

2020-06-14 17_21_51-Woman Standing While Carrying Laptop · Free Stock Photo“The tech sector is once again outperforming the overall market in 2020 as investors continue to go all-in on growth,” observes the author of today’s article. However, the tech giants that have led the market’s rise may have limited upside left in the near term, and tech investors may be better off focusing on small-cap tech stocks. For seven high-quality small-cap tech stocks identified as top picks by Bank of America, CLICK HERE.

Stocks For Making Money Off Of Millennials Making More Money

2016-09-04 10_08_31-Morguefile.com free stock photosToday’s article acknowledges that while “millennials might not be taking home large pay checks right now…eventually they will be.” In fact, a team of Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts expects that the incomes of millennials – as well as the incomes of the generation that comes after them (centennials) – will nearly triple in the next 15 years. As such, that same team has compiled a list of stocks that investors may want to consider buying in advance of this income enlargement so that they can cash in themselves. To see what some of these stocks – which center around five key themes pertinent to the lives of millennials and centennials – are, CLICK HERE.