“Ripe For Misrepresentation And Confusion”: Why Retirees Should Proceed Slowly With These Two Investment Products

2016-11-06 19_23_26-Films & TVWhen it comes to two insurance products that might appear attractive to retirees in this low interest rate environment, today’s article cautions that prospective buyers should look carefully before leaping into these complicated investments. The two products at issue? Indexed annuities and indexed universal life insurance. Here’s what one advisor cited in the article has to say: “With indexed annuities and indexed universal life insurance, the marketing pitch is always that you get all of the upside of equities and have guarantees…It’s really misleading.” To read more about these two products – including who they can be good fits for, their potential limitations and where things get complicated – CLICK HERE.

Special Considerations For The Solo Retiree

2016-05-07 19_43_20-morguefile.com_search_morguefile_2_retirement_popPlanning for a secure retirement is daunting. Planning for a secure retirement when you are single comes with its own additional concerns and anxieties. As such, in today’s article the author outlines three considerations for the solo retiree that may be “a good start to feeling better about facing retirement decisions all by yourself”. What sales pitch for financial products should be a major red flag for solo retirees? What is “the one thing solo retirees should always demand” when it comes to financial products? And why does the author recommend that solo retirees employ more than one advisor? CLICK HERE to read more.