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CNN Money’s 40 Under 40

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Check out these 40 2013 young hotshots who are taking the businesses world by storm MORE HERE

Building The World’s Fastest Growing Economy

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Concrete is truly an amazing product. Its use in construction was first popularized during the Roman Empire. Concrete’s impact was so profound it spawned its own renaissance. The Roman Architectural Revolution was built on the versatility of concrete. No longer were architects and builders constrained by brick and stone. The miracle product, concrete, allowed for larger more structurally complex buildings.… 

Finding Gold In Garbage

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According to a 2007 ADOT report there are approximately 254.4 million vehicles in the United States. The cost of upkeep and fuel is astronomical, and a lot of people make a lot of money off of that massive fleet…Oil companies, automakers, part manufacturers and mechanics just to name a few. But eventually that car is going to reach the end… 

How You Can Buy Into The Biggest Auto Market In The World!

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Let me ask you a simple question… “Which country has the world’s largest auto-industry?” If you guessed the U.S. or Japan you’d be wrong. The correct answer, since 2009, is China. Last year auto sales in China were up 32%! In July alone General Motors sold 173,398 vehicles in China. Buick sold over 50,000, and Chevrolet sold over 46,000 vehicles.… 

Don’t Count Out Chinese Real Estate

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Xinyuan Real Estate (XIN) is a big residential property developer in China. As of the end of 2010 they had completed 21 projects. Those 21 projects had a combined size of over 2 million square meters and totaled 23,324 units. XIN is a vertically integrated company… because they really do it all. Xinyuan focuses on building apartment buildings. These high-rise… 

Hot Penny Stocks – Longwei Petroleum Investment Ho (LPH)

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Earnings season continues in a big way. This week there are more than 110 S&P 500 companies announcing earnings. On Tuesday Apple (AAPL) released earnings for the quarter ended on December 30 2011. The company had a 73% increase in sales year over year. Also reporting this week are tech companies Netflix (NFLX) and Yahoo (YHOO). Keep an eye out…