Top Sectors & Stocks For A Return To Selective Stock Picking

2020-04-29 23_28_08-person using laptop on white wooden table photo – Free Business Image on UnsplasNoting that we’re “beginning to see selectivity creep back into the marketplace following a period of indiscriminate buying”, the author of today’s article proceeds to identify the best sectors right now across large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap stocks, as well as a slew of “top scoring stocks” from those select sectors that may be the best buys for stock pickers right now. For more, CLICK HERE.

Post Sell-Off And Snap-Back, Is It Now A Stock-Pickers’ Market?

2020-04-26 20_21_47-Man in Black Coat, White Dress Shirt and Black, Gray and White Necktie · Free StAfter the coronavirus-driven market selloff – and subsequent snap-back – the pivotal question right now, suggests the author of today’s article, is whether this is now a stock-pickers’ market, or whether macro matters most and all stocks are essentially equal. And if it is a stock-pickers’ market, what are some stocks worth picking? For how a panel of stock-pickers are answering these questions – and more – CLICK HERE.

Ultra Risk Could Lead To Ultra Riches With These 3 Biotech Stocks

2020-04-23 21_33_04-WindowWhen it comes to the three clinical-stage biotech stocks highlighted in today’s article, the author declares that, while they are all “relatively small at the moment…they have potential blockbuster drugs in development that could send their stock prices screaming higher.” For these three biotech stocks whose ultra risk could lead to ultra riches with clinical trial success, CLICK HERE.

How To Play It Safe When Playing With Coronavirus OTC Stocks

2020-04-22 20_45_32-Window“While the overall market flirts with a bear, OTC stocks have been on fire,” observes the author of today’s article. And while he acknowledges that OTC stocks strike fear in many people, he reveals that many of his trades recently have been OTC stocks – and he outlines how to play it safe while playing with OTC stocks. For “the 5 Ps of OTC stocks” in the age of coronavirus, CLICK HERE.

3 Compelling Picks From “The Ultimate Risk/Reward Plays”

2020-04-19 20_42_02-Blue and Yellow Board Game · Free Stock Photo“With some investors now looking to take on a bit more risk, they are turning to the ultimate risk/reward plays: biotech stocks,” notes the author of today’s article. One of the few major catalysts for biotech stocks is regulatory approval – and the author highlights “three compelling biotech stocks with upcoming Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) dates, the deadline by which the FDA must decide to approve or reject a new application.” For these three biotech stocks with “Strong Buy” analyst ratings and significant upside potential – including one firm at the forefront of women’s reproductive health – CLICK HERE.

How To Earn Better-Than-Average Returns In The Post-Coronavirus Economy

2020-04-16 21_23_35-WindowIf you want to earn just “average” gains in the post-coronavirus economy, invest in broad index funds. But if you want better-than-average returns, stock and non-broad-based ETF picking will be the way to go, argues the author of today’s article. Just what are the many major shifts – from privacy rights to education to biotechnology – that the economy will undergo as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and which stocks and ETFs will benefit? CLICK HERE.

A ‘Dream’ Cannabis Opportunity?

2020-04-14 21_21_31-green cannabis leaves and black glass drops bottle photo – Free Hemp Image on UnAn estimated 70 million Americans suffer from insomnia – and that number is undoubtedly climbing as the country deals with the stress and anxiety associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. While many for whom sleep proves to be elusive turn to prescription medications and over-the-counter sleep aids, there’s evidence that adults are increasingly turning to cannabis to help promote sleep – and today’s article highlights two cannabis companies that are honing in on this potentially lucrative market. For more on this new cannabis opportunity, CLICK HERE.

3 Market-Beating Biotech Stocks With More Room To Run – Including One “Oddball” Pick

2020-04-12 20_10_12-person holding round clear container photo – Free Science Image on UnsplashBiotech stocks have weathered the coronavirus selloff pretty well on the whole – and today’s article notes that “Several biotechs have delivered solid gains in the midst of the overall stock market plunge.” For three top biotech stock picks that have been beating the market and that still have lots of room to run from here – including one “oddball” biotech pick that has no approved products on the market and no profits but does have a potential vaccine for COVID-19 and a potential blockbuster flu vaccine – CLICK HERE.

Right Or Wrong, A Profitable Strategy For “Definitely Not Normal Times”

2020-04-12 20_19_16-shallow focus photography of U.S. dollar banknotes photo – Free Money Image on UThe trader behind the strategy highlighted in today’s article is typically not a day trader, but in what he acknowledges are “definitely not normal times” for the stock market right now, he no longer holds positions overnight, arguing that has become too risky. Instead, he has been employing a strategy that has proven to be profitable – even when he’s wrong. For more on this strategy, CLICK HERE.

Isolating Penny Stocks Positioned To Prosper From Social Isolation

2020-04-10 08_04_59-Copper-colored Coin Lot · Free Stock PhotoAfter spending the last few months “laser-focused” on coronavirus biotech plays, the author of today’s article has begun to look elsewhere for profit-making opportunities as biotech stocks have become increasingly crowded. He is now focusing on “stocks positioned to prosper in these times of social isolation” – and he shares his list of top penny stocks right now, which he recommends using “as a tool for learning to create your own watchlist.” For more, CLICK HERE.