Hack Your Way To Free Travels

2019-10-27 20_16_46-brown leather bifold wallet on table photo – Free Wallet Image on UnsplashIn today’s article, the author shares a hack that he has taken advantage of to travel for free – a hack that has to do with special credit card rewards programs, which he argues most people do not get the most out of because they fail to realize what the biggest windfalls associated with these programs are. For more on this travel hack and how to take advantage of it, CLICK HERE.

The “Cornerstone Of Retirement Planning” (That Most Americans Don’t Understand)

2019-10-25 22_38_34-Flag of America photo – Free Flag Image on UnsplashIt’s “the cornerstone of retirement planning” – yet in a recent study, 92% of the American adults surveyed either demonstrated a lack of understanding of it or couldn’t even define what it was! What is this retirement-planning cornerstone? Fixed-income investing – and one portfolio manager cited in today’s article warns that “The lack of knowledge about fixed-income investing is a problem because it means many Americans are likely missing out on two of its big benefits”. For more, CLICK HERE.

How Inflation Can Impact Your Retirement (And Some Inflation-Protection Strategies)

2019-10-21 09_52_20-person sitting on gray rock beside body of water during daytime photo – Free Per

Inflation may not seem like much of a concern right now, but the author of today’s article points out that periods in which inflation has been significantly higher than average have typically arrived without any advance warning. Given this, and considering the fact that, as he notes, “even average rates of inflation can take a large toll”, it’s worthwhile to consider the impact inflation could have on your retirement plan. For two categories of spending the author sees as particularly worrisome for retirees going forward, as well as strategies available to protect yourself from inflation in retirement, CLICK HERE.

The Power Of 1% More

2019-10-20 22_48_07-Drive in bankking signage photo – Free Text Image on UnsplashWhile he acknowledges that it may seem like a trivial amount, the author of today’s article illustrates just how much of an impact 1% more can have on your earnings, savings, investing and, when combined, on your overall net worth. For more on the power of 1% more – including how you can go about getting that extra 1% in each of the aforementioned areas – CLICK HERE.

Reliable And Rising Income: 20 Dividend Stocks For Retired And Near-Retirement Boomers

2019-10-19 23_14_19-blue, yellow, and red hot air balloon photo – Free Hot air balloon Image on Unsp“In a world where interest rates are so low and uncertainty seems to be the norm, baby boomers need to look for stable dividend stocks that can compete with the current income of longer-term Treasury notes and bonds and for businesses that should grow to offer some capital appreciation over time as well,” notes the author of today’s article, who proceeds to highlight 20 dividend stocks – most of which are dividend growers – that offer retired and near-retirement boomers reliable and rising income. For more, CLICK HERE.

A “Perverse Conclusion” On Investing For Retirement

2019-10-17 21_26_03-tilt-shift photography of person in brown jacket photo – Free Person Image on Un“Here’s a sobering thought: Much—and perhaps most—of the money you’ll accumulate for retirement will reflect the raw dollars you sock away and not the investment returns you earn,” begins the author of today’s article, who proceeds to outline some examples to illustrate this fact, as well as examine its implications. For more – including the “perverse conclusion” this leads the author to regarding investing for retirement – CLICK HERE.

Ease Financial And Retirement Worries With An “Intentional Life Plan”

2019-10-13 21_33_08-Cup, coffee cup and coffee shop _ HD photo by Daria Shevtsova (@daria_shevtsova)You may have a will in place, but what about a power of attorney, an advanced directive, or a financial plan? A recent survey found that few people actually use these tools that the author of today’s article argues “are so important for successful lives” – and which can ease financial and retirement worries. He proceeds to outline how to create what may be the most important tool in this regard: an “intentional life plan”. For more, CLICK HERE.

Rate Of Return: The Retirement Maker (Or Breaker)

2019-10-12 22_42_36-WindowWhen it comes to the ultimate size of your retirement nest egg, the author of today’s article notes that “Calculating future savings requires numerous factors, including current age and predicted retirement age, any current assets, how the portfolio is invested and at what rate a person can realistically expect that money to grow.” And it’s this latter factor – the rate of return – that she proceeds to examine. Given that your assumed rate of return can make or break your retirement plan, just what is realistic? For more, CLICK HERE.

How To Keep Major Expenses Down In Retirement

2019-10-10 11_54_21-Window“Because the average retirement length in the country is 18 years, we can project that the typical retiree will need an $828,000 nest egg to pay the bills upon leaving the workforce,” notes the author of today’s article. But if you find that number daunting, he proceeds to outline the major expenses one can expect to encounter in retirement and some tips for keeping them under control. For more – including how much the average retiree spends on each of those major expenses – CLICK HERE.

Obstacles, Solutions, FIRE And Lattes: A “Personal Finance Guru” On Saving For Retirement

2019-10-01 12_59_47-Heavenly Clouds & Spring Sunset _ HD photo by Davies Designs Studio (@davies_desThere’s a consensus that Americans are not saving enough for retirement. But what are the obstacles – including the mental obstacles – that are preventing them from doing so? What can they do to save more for retirement (including those who are close to retirement but haven’t saved enough)? What’s the “wrong picture” many may have of the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement? And are lattes really a threat to Americans’ retirement savings? In today’s article, personal finance guru Jean Chatzky tackles these issues and more. For more, CLICK HERE.