Retiring, With Ethics

2019-05-29 20_48_35-The back of the old man walking in th... _ HD photo by Caroline Hernandez (@caroWhen it comes to investing according to environmental, social, or corporate governance (ESG) standards, today’s article notes that “While returns can vary from year to year, ethical investors tend to perform better than investors who don’t use social or “sustainable” principles.” Thus, it is possible to generate good returns in your retirement portfolio while doing good with your retirement portfolio. But where to start in locating funds with ESG goals that have track records of strong performance? The author identifies some useful resources. For more, CLICK HERE.

Investment Practices Of The “Navy SEALs” Of Retirement Savers

2019-05-26 20_59_32-Pears _ HD photo by Shumilov Ludmila (@lsfineartphotography) on UnsplashThe author of today’s article likens them to an “elite Navy SEALs team of retirement savers”: those with $1 million or more in their 401(k). And after membership in this elite group decreased in the final months of last year as volatility in the stock market took its toll, the number of 401(k) millionaires ticked back up in the first quarter of this year. So what does it take to become a 401(k) millionaire? The author lays it out, noting that “even if you never join this elite group, the boot camp-like discipline its members practice can still leave you in better shape for retirement.” For more, CLICK HERE.

An Overlooked Retirement Plan – And Getting Aggressive With Your Taxes

2019-05-24 14_04_41-Book, coffee cup, cup and pen _ HD photo by Kelly Sikkema (@kellysikkema) on Uns“Let me put it this way: you wouldn’t not take your mortgage interest deduction because… you didn’t feel like it? Or it was hard?” points out the author of today’s article. And yet a surprisingly large number of Americans are not taking advantage of major tax breaks available to them – including what the author refers to as “The one retirement plan that goes completely overlooked”. For more on how to become more tax aggressive, CLICK HERE.

Congress Might Actually Get Something Done – And It Affects Your Retirement

2019-05-19 18_56_49-Person Wearing Blue Plaid Suit Jacket and Dress Pants · Free Stock PhotoBelieve it or not, Democrats and Republicans in Congress might actually get something done on a bipartisan basis in the coming weeks, and as today’s article notes, that something “has the potential to be a big win for individual investors”. More specifically, there’s a real chance that Congress could pass bipartisan retirement savings legislation that would be signed into law – and enhance retirement savings opportunities. For some of the key provisions of the two Congressional bills that any final compromise bill would be based on, CLICK HERE.

5 Small Steps To Solve A 75% Retirement Problem

2019-05-19 18_54_01-Low Angle Photography of Escalator · Free Stock PhotoIn a new survey conducted by Fidelity Investments, 75% of respondents reported feeling only somewhat confident to not confident at all about their retirement finances. Ultimately, those that lacked a financial plan for retirement lacked confidence, while those that had a plan also had confidence. As such, today’s article lays out “five small, practical steps you can take to boost your confidence in your retirement finances by creating a financial plan for retirement”. For more, CLICK HERE.

Preparing Your Retirement For A Market That Goes Down (And Stays Down)

2019-05-16 19_55_15-WindowWhen it comes to periods of extended market weakness, the author of today’s article notes that “Retirees…tend to experience [them] differently, and more viscerally, than their still-working counterparts” as they are living off the finite balances of their portfolios. So while those who are still working may be able to ride out – or even take advantage of – market weakness, what are retirees and those nearing retirement to do? The author outlines “some key steps to take in the event of serious market volatility–or better yet in advance of it.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Completing A Comprehensive Stress Test Of Your Retirement Plan

2019-05-16 08_36_51-WindowStress tests aren’t just for banks – they’re useful for retirement plans too! And a comprehensive stress test of your retirement plan involves more than just stress testing your portfolio: the author of today’s article advises that “you should stress test your venue, your retirement and income portfolios, and anticipated leisure pursuits.” For more on carrying out a comprehensive stress test of your retirement plan – including how to test whether your portfolio can survive a market shock and how many times it may be prudent to visit prospective retirement venues – CLICK HERE.

These REITs Are All Fun And Games (And Income!)

2019-05-12 21_43_47-Girl holding American Dollar Bills _ HD photo by Alexander Mils (@alexandermils)“Gaming companies are a tough group of stocks to own,” acknowledges the author of today’s article, pointing to, among other things, how sensitive casino profits are to changes in economic conditions. For those looking for gaming related income stocks, however, gaming-focused real estate investment trusts may be a lucrative investment – and the author highlights three specific gaming REITs to consider. For more, CLICK HERE.

What Social Security Is, What It Isn’t – And Why The Distinction Matters To Your Retirement Plan

2019-05-10 21_19_43-Selective Focus Photography of Magazines · Free Stock Photo“Social Security is what it is — and it isn’t what it isn’t,” states the author of today’s article who argues that, while Social Security is an asset, it is not a bond – and thus investors are ill-served by considering Social Security part of their retirement portfolio’s bond allocation. What is Social Security, what isn’t Social Security – and how does the author recommend fitting it into an overall retirement portfolio? CLICK HERE.

Retirement Income Planning, From The Floor Up

2019-05-08 22_11_52-Person Holding White Book Planner · Free Stock Photo“The bottom line is that generating secure income to meet our retirement goals for an uncertain period of time is extremely challenging,” acknowledges the author of today’s article, who likens this task to “trying to hit a moving target in the wind.” He proceeds to outline one approach to doing so – the so-called flooring approach. How does the flooring approach to retirement income planning work, who is this strategy suited for, and what are some important flooring “flipsides” so consider? CLICK HERE.