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Investment Practices Of The “Navy SEALs” Of Retirement Savers

2019-05-26 20_59_32-Pears _ HD photo by Shumilov Ludmila (@lsfineartphotography) on UnsplashThe author of today’s article likens them to an “elite Navy SEALs team of retirement savers”: those with $1 million or more in their 401(k). And after membership in this elite group decreased in the final months of last year as volatility in the stock market took its toll, the number of 401(k) millionaires ticked back up in the first quarter of this year. So what does it take to become a 401(k) millionaire? The author lays it out, noting that “even if you never join this elite group, the boot camp-like discipline its members practice can still leave you in better shape for retirement.” For more, CLICK HERE.