Why The Safest Retirement Strategy May Be A Chunky One

2019-02-24 18_04_48-WindowEarly retirement only works if you continue to make money in retirement…right? The author of today’s article challenges this belief, arguing that “it IS absolutely possible and in fact very easy, to make a chunk of money last through your lifetime. There is no magic or unusual risk or hope involved, it’s just plain math.” So, once you’ve accumulated a fixed chunk of money, how do you go about converting it into a safe stream of lifetime income? What don’t you need to worry about with this strategy? And what does the author point to as being “the absolute key to success in early retirement”? CLICK HERE.

Financial Planning vs. Retirement Planning – And How Understanding The Difference Can Be Critical To Your Retirement

2019-02-23 22_44_02-WindowThink financial planning and retirement planning are one and the same? Think again. “Understanding the difference between financial planning and retirement planning can be critical to developing a retirement income strategy,” explains the author of today’s article, with one financial adviser cited describing the difference between the two as “the difference between people at work versus money at work.” So how does retirement planning differ from financial planning, why is making this distinction important to your retirement – and how can you benefit from retirement planning software? CLICK HERE.

When It Comes To Outliving Your Money, This Is “The Single Biggest Risk You Face”

2019-02-22 07_13_53-WindowThe retirement expert cited in today’s article calls them “the single biggest risk you face in outliving your money”: out-of-pocket healthcare expenses and costs for long-term care. These expenses can now total over half a million dollars, “almost four times more than the typical couple nearing retirement has saved in their combined retirement accounts”. Given this, the author outlines several steps retirement savers can take to help avoid having their golden years torpedoed by this risk. For more, CLICK HERE.

Retirement Funding Strategies: To Bucket Or Not To Bucket?

2019-02-19 07_55_10-WindowWhen it comes to retirement funding strategies, it turns out there may be a hole in the popular bucket approach, making those strategies more likely to fail. That’s the finding of a recent comprehensive study of both bucket and non-bucket strategies. Why are bucket strategies more likely to fail than non-bucket strategies – and which retirement funding strategy did the study find was the best performer, with a 0% failure rate? CLICK HERE.

A Comprehensive Look At Retirement Considerations For Couples

2019-02-17 19_20_27-1000+ Engaging Retired Couple Photos · Pexels · Free Stock Photos“Every aspect of life is affected by the decision to retire, including relationships, health and wellness, and of course finances,” notes the author of today’s article, who proceeds to provide an overview of what couples nearing retirement need to do in regards to each of those aspects of life, including budgeting, Social Security, drawing down of assets, health care (and long-term care), relationship maintenance, and lifestyle expectations. For more, CLICK HERE.

How Contributing “Too Much Too Soon” Can Hurt Your Retirement Savings

2019-02-15 21_49_01-Money Styled Stock Photo photo by Katie Harp - Pinterest Manager (@kharp) on Uns“Save as much as possible as early as possible” is a generally accepted principle of retirement saving – and widely viewed as the most important principle. There are, however, exceptions – and today’s article details how “contributing too much to your 401(k) or similar retirement plan too early in the year may be hazardous to your retirement-savings health” and cause you to lose out on free money. For more – including how proper planning can help you avoid becoming a victim of the “too-much-too-soon trap”, CLICK HERE.

Side Hustles & Retirement Saving

2019-02-12 17_43_17-Coin Spill photo by Michael Longmire (@f7photo) on UnsplashMore people than ever are working side gigs – and a major reason they report doing so is in order to grow their nest eggs. Today’s article acknowledges that side gigs “can offer…more opportunities to save for retirement and even help…make up for lost time” – that is, if approached correctly. What does one retirement savings expert say should be the first priority of those using side gigs to help save for retirement – and what are some other important considerations? CLICK HERE.

A REIT Retirement Done Right

2019-02-10 20_28_52-Retirement Pictures _ Download Free Images on Unsplash“In retirement – or anytime – crafting a worthy portfolio of stellar REITs requires selecting from the most high-quality, steadfast companies; those with unique selling propositions, best-in-class types, that “own” their category, and pay regular and growing dividends. I call these particular REITs, “SWANs,” which stands for “sleep well at night”, explains the author of today’s article, who also notes that only 28 REITs currently hold this SWAN distinction. He proceeds to highlight five top picks that “could provide a powerful boost and bedrock to your portfolio and retirement cash flow.” CLICK HERE.

Gold’s Big Moves – And What’ Next

2019-02-08 20_47_04-500+ Amazing Gold Photos · Pexels · Free Stock Photos“Something big is happening in the gold market right now,” declares the author of today’s article, who notes that gold purchases by central banks last year were at their highest level since Richard Nixon formally brought an end to the gold standard in 1971 and that purchases in the fourth quarter were the highest on record. After four straight months of gains for both gold and gold mining stocks, what’s gold’s next move – and what gold set-up does the author recommend? CLICK HERE.

Considerations When Geo-Arbitraging Your Retirement

2019-02-08 22_04_39-Aging, alone, aged and senior adult HD photo by rawpixel (@rawpixel) on UnsplashThis retirement strategy is on the rise – and it also has a fancy name: geo-arbitrage. With geo-arbitrage, individuals accumulate retirement income in the U.S. and then relocate to locations around the globe with a lower cost of living. Noting that “it’s a big world, and every country poses unique opportunities and complications”, today’s article outlines “five practical questions” for individuals considering taking advantage of geo-arbitrage to ask themselves as they evaluate various locales. For more, CLICK HERE.