How Behavioral Finance Can Help Your Future Self Retire Better

2018-12-05 20_28_06-HD photo by Garidy Sanders (@garidy_sanders) on UnsplashThe problem with investing and saving for retirement, according to the author of today’s article? “People are “psychologically ill-equipped” to invest in risk assets, even if they need to do so. They also don’t save very much for retirement, possibly because they don’t think they need to yet or because they can’t afford it.” This is where behavioral finance can make a difference. What is behavioral finance, how are behavioral finance concepts important to retirement planning, and what can behavioral finance teach us about how to better plan for retirement? CLICK HERE.

The New Best Investment Choice For Retirees And Near-Retirees

2018-12-02 20_07_06-100+ Beautiful Financial Criss Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosWhat’s the best investment choice right now for investors who are retired or nearing retirement (and thus are looking for reliable income)? The author of today’s article notes that, while income investors turned to investments such as high-yield bonds, master limited partnerships, high-yield dividend stocks and more in recent years, “Today’s best investment choice for investors in or near retirement just might be one they heavily favored before the financial crisis but ignored in recent years.” For more, CLICK HERE.

Why “Yield-Hungry Retirees” May Want To Ditch Utility Stocks – And Consider These Stocks Instead

2018-12-02 20_01_22-20+ Amazing Utility Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosWhen it comes to utility stocks, the author of today’s article notes that “Retirees have been favoring these stocks for years…and they have been handsomely rewarded.” But is it time for retirees to adjust their stance on utility stocks and look elsewhere for income? That’s the recommendation of the man behind a top-ranking newsletter. Why? And, if not utilities, which stocks does he recommend instead for “yield-hungry retirees”? CLICK HERE.