Tricks & Traps: Prepare Now For A “Memorable” 2018 Tax Year

2018-10-30 06_31_01-100+ Engaging Tax Year Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosWhen it comes to your 2018 taxes, the author of today’s article has some advice: Figure it out now. Why? He explains “I have a feeling the 2018 tax year is going to be a memorable one for many of us. Revisions to the tax code rushed through Congress in the dying days of 2017 have implications for almost everyone. And if you haven’t been paying attention, those implications could be unwelcome.” For more on those implications – including a “capital gains trap” to beware of, deductions that have been eliminated completely, and a “long-term trap” for the middle class – CLICK HERE.

Filtering The Universe Of Stocks Down To 5 Picks For Income-Seekers

2018-10-28 22_18_08-Bloodmoon, moon, eclipse and lunareclipse HD photo by Benjamin Voros (@vorosbeniToday’s article outlines a screening process whereby the over 7500 companies traded on U.S. exchanges are filtered down to five large-cap, dividend-paying companies currently trading at large discounts that may be especially attractive to investors over age 50 – or any income-seeking investor. Specifically, these five stocks “all have “A-” or better debt-rating, at least 10% dividend growth in the last 5 years, have at least 10 years of dividend history and trading on an average of -21% from their 52-week highs. Their average dividend at this time is 4.22%.” CLICK HERE.

Give Your “Good Enough” Target-Date Retirement Fund A Boost With This Investing Strategy

2018-10-27 20_27_41-20+ Engaging Retirement Fund Photos · Pexels · Free Stock Photos“A lifelong, low-cost investment strategy that I believe is likely to produce superior long-term returns without much attention from you” is what the author of today’s article lays out. The strategy in question is comprised of two “building blocks” – a target-date retirement fund at the core and a “booster fund” to generate higher long-term returns with little extra risk. For more on this strategy – including which type of fund may provide the greatest boost and a formula for determining how much of your portfolio to devote to each component – CLICK HERE.

Insights From Retirement Boot Camp

2018-10-21 18_58_19-250+ Great Light Bulb Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosAt the recent Boot Camp for Investors, a panel of experts discussed considerations when planning for the new retirement – one that could last 20 to 30 years. For what the panel had to say about income investing, cash flow control, the value of ETFs (“So they’re cheap, they’re diversified all good news, but there are also some potentially nasty surprises in some flavors in the marketplace.”), the biggest mistakes retirees make and more, CLICK HERE.

How To Translate Your Nest Egg Into Monthly Retirement Income – And The Benefit Of Doing So

2018-10-17 08_01_27-WindowWhat does the current amount of your retirement nest egg translate into in terms of future monthly retirement income? In light of the fact that a recent piece of research found that more than half of U.S. workers aged 20 to 79 have difficulty figuring out this conversion, today’s article identifies two ways to estimate that monthly income figure – one way which is perhaps the simplest and another which is also simple (but perhaps less exact). For more – including one big benefit of learning how much your nest egg might produce in monthly income – CLICK HERE.

“Charitable Clumping” – And Other Strategies To Reduce Your Tax Bill In This Lofty Market

2018-10-14 13_17_43-100+ Amazing Bill Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosDespite a number of anxiety-inducing market routs, stocks have performed quite nicely this year. That impressive performance, however, brings with it some potential problems for investors, including off-balance portfolios and taxes on gains. As the author of today’s article notes, “a lofty market environment presents a lot of potential tax traps, as the appreciated winners in a portfolio that are most in need of trimming also carry the highest embedded gains.” As such, she proceeds to outline some strategies to minimize your tax bill in this lofty market. For more, CLICK HERE.

Strategies For Dealing With Market Volatility On Retirement’s Doorstep

2018-10-14 13_12_24-1000+ Beautiful Door Step Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosGiven its recent moves, investors have reason to be anxious about the market – and none more so than investors who are at retirement’s doorstep. For those in that group, today’s article outlines a number of strategies to consider, as identified by top financial advisers. First, however, the author advises that “It’s critical that you…draft a retirement-income plan”, noting that “Those who have such a plan don’t worry about market declines. And those who don’t have a plan, worry.” For how to create a retirement-income plan – and for the aforementioned strategies for protecting your retirement portfolio from market volatility – CLICK HERE.

The Challenges Presented By – And Strategies For Dealing With – “The Magic Retirement Age”

2018-10-10 19_53_42-WindowWhatever your planned retirement age, you’re likely to retire closer to age 61 than you think. This is one of the findings of a recent study of retirement data, which found that “planned and actual retirement ages align at 61, with those planning to retire earlier than that tending to retire later than expected, and those planning to retire after 61 tending to retire earlier than expected. In other words, actual retirement ages pull toward 61.” What did the same study find about predicting who will end up retiring earlier (or later) than planned – and what are some strategies for dealing with the challenges presented by the magic retirement age? CLICK HERE.

This “Absolutely Catastrophic” Financial Decision Might Be The One Thing Preventing You From Building Wealth

2018-10-07 20_00_08-200+ Beautiful Stack Photos · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosWhat’s the one thing most preventing you from building wealth? The author of today’s article makes the case that, when it comes to building wealth, “one financial decision in particular has been absolutely catastrophic for people at every income.” In fact, he outlines how taking a different course when it comes to this particular financial decision has the potential to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars by retirement. So what is this wealth-killing decision – and how can you change your mind set about it? CLICK HERE.