Reward & Risk: Setting Up Trades Using The Profit Factor

2018-05-27 19_08_53-50+ Engaging Trade Photos · Pexels · Free Stock Photos“It’s important for traders of all skill levels to understand the risk and reward dynamics of every trade they put on,” advises the author of today’s article – who proceeds to outline a simple way for traders to ensure that their reward-to-risk ratio is where it should be in order to profit in the long run: the profit factor. For more on how to set up trades using the profit factor, CLICK HERE.

These 3 Consistent Dividend Raisers Can Be Social Security Supplementers

2018-05-26 19_56_13-Working at home, digital device, connection and copy space HD photo by rawpixelThe average monthly Social Security benefit this year is just $1,404. Needless to say, most retirees will need to supplement their Social Security payments – significantly – in order to generate enough income to live comfortably in their golden years. And the three stocks highlighted in today’s article – with their consistently increasing dividend payouts – can play a part in that effort. For these three stocks worth considering for retirement portfolios – including one that has increased its payout for almost 60 years – CLICK HERE.

Tactics When Retiring In Terrible Times (Such As The Next Few Years?)

2018-05-24 07_37_12-Free stock photos of calendar · PexelsThe good news? American workers’ confidence in their ability to retire is growing. The bad news? As today’s article observes, “the same forces that are fueling retirement confidence have the potential to work against new retirees in the years ahead–especially higher stock-market valuations.” While retirees have no control over the type of market environment that will prevail over their early retirement years, there are some tactics they can employ to increase the sustainability of their portfolios should they end up retiring at a terrible time. For more, CLICK HERE.

Do Retirees Really Benefit From Larger Equity Allocations?

2018-05-21 11_08_21-500+ Beautiful Old Age PhotosRetirees have been told that, especially given the increasing number of years spent in retirement, they need to maintain a sizable position in equities. It turns out, however, that maintaining a healthy equity allocation in retirement may not be as beneficial for retirees as believed: The author of today’s article analyzed a number of different retirement funding scenarios and came to the conclusion that the benefit to retirees of increasing their equity allocation is actually very modest. For more, CLICK HERE.

Bucket Your Way To Spending Control

2018-05-17 20_29_36-Free stock photos of pail · PexelsHow can you get control of your spending without having to devote precious time to tracking every expense? Today’s article outlines one spending system that can be employed to accomplish this: bucket budgeting. This is the system the author’s husband uses, and she notes that it “allows him to prefund his expenses, keep his spending in check and avoid having to track every penny….” For more on setting up a bucket budgeting system – including some buckets (and sub-buckets) to consider including – CLICK HERE.

How Millennials, Blockchain And AI Are Reshaping The Retirement Planning Industry

2018-05-12 15_53_07-Bitcoin vs Altcoins photo by Andre Francois (@silverhousehd) on UnsplashWhile millennials on the whole are not saving adequately for retirement, a growing number of them are investing in cryptocurrencies – and, as today’s article notes, one of the main reasons they are doing so is for retirement purposes. At the same time, “Innovative startups are redefining the retirement landscape by using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to create new retirement savings solutions.” For more on how millennials, blockchain and artificial intelligence are reshaping the retirement planning industry, CLICK HERE.

Relocating In Retirement: Are You Doing It Wrong?

2018-05-10 21_14_18-500+ Engaging Highway PhotosWhether it’s for family, lifestyle or financial reasons, relocation is a part of retirement for many Americans. However, the author of today’s article cautions that, “Whatever the reason, retirees appear to be making two big mistakes with their homes. They seem to vastly misunderstand the home as an investment decision, and they don’t consider the financing options available to them at all.” Is buying a home a better investment for retirees than stocks? And if retirees do buy a home, what financing option may be better than a conventional mortgage? CLICK HERE.

How Women Can Take Control Of Their Retirement – And Prevent Financial Destitution

2018-05-07 07_00_30-Free Stock Photos of Women · Pexels · Free Stock PhotosAmericans on the whole are underprepared for retirement. This is especially true for women over 50, with today’s article noting that “they fall way behind men when it comes to retirement preparedness.” While there are multiples reasons for this reality (including an acceleration in the divorce rate for this group), what can women do to prevent against the prospect of financial destitution in retirement? The author outlines a number of suggestions in that regard. For more, CLICK HERE.

Taking Stock Of Your Retirement Income Strategy

2018-05-05 20_39_51-50+ Interesting Planner PhotosYet another research report has found that a majority of baby boomers do not feel prepared for retirement – and today’s article suggests that one critical factor underlying the position that these boomers find themselves in is a lack of investment in stocks, with the author noting that “The ownership of the vast majority of equity returns in the hands of a small percentage of Americans in part explains why so many boomers are not feeling the recovery.” In addition to increasing their stake in stocks, what else can Americans do to boost their sense of retirement security? CLICK HERE.