Affluent Influence: Retirement Planning Lessons From The Wealthy

2017-07-29 23_03_57-Free stock photo of bank, bank notes, batchThere’s no question that the wealthy have a major advantage when it comes to retirement – but that doesn’t mean that the less affluent can’t learn a thing or two (or three) from the rich about how to achieve a financially secure – and overall fulfilling – retirement. Today’s article looks at some retirement planning lessons that can be gleaned from the findings of a new UBS Wealth Management Americas survey of wealthy investors – lessons that can benefit pre-retirees of all income levels. To read more, CLICK HERE.

Fake News (Retirement Edition)

2017-07-23 19_56_50-Free stock photo of can, chat, chattingYou need $1 million to retire. Make that $2 million. Social Security will not be solvent much longer. Your expenses will go down in retirement. These are some of the prevalent retirement rumors the author of today’s article highlights that can have a detrimental effect on the retirement planning of those who subscribe to them. To read more – including why the worst retirement rumor may be “Everything will work out fine” – CLICK HERE.

Doing This One Simple Thing Can Help Improve Your Retirement Preparedness And Confidence – But Less Than A Quarter Of Americans Have Done It

2017-07-23 13_45_07-Black Pencil on White Paper · Free Stock PhotoIf there was one simple thing that you could do that could help you be better prepared financially for – and boost your confidence in your ability to maintain your desired lifestyle in – retirement, would you do it? Well, as today’s article highlights, there is such a thing – yet less than a quarter of Americans have done it. What is the undertaking in question (which involves putting pen to paper) – and how can you go about doing it? CLICK HERE to find out.

QLACs: One Option For Funding A Long, Long Retirement

2017-07-23 13_41_35-Man's Right Face · Free Stock PhotoQualified longevity annuity contracts (QLACs) are still a relatively new option on the retirement planning scene, but they may be an option worth considering when it comes to hedging against longevity risk, with the author of today’s article advising one to “think of [QLACs] as insurance against running out of money if you live to be very, very old, and as a possible alternative to long term care insurance.” To learn more about how QLACs work, CLICK HERE.

This “In The Shadows” Fund Can Help Retirees Avoid Running Out Of Money

2017-07-18 22_20_17-Free stock photo of black-and-white, chess, darkApproximately 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day – and many may find that saving for retirement was actually the easy part, while the real challenge will be making sure that their nest eggs last as long as they do. Today’s article highlights one financial tool that may be of assistance to retirees who want to avoid running out of money – retirement income funds (also known as managed payout funds). What are retirement income funds – and what are their advantages and drawbacks compared to annuities? CLICK HERE to find out.

A 3-Step Crash Test For Your Retirement Portfolio

2017-07-18 22_17_49-Brown Rope · Free Stock PhotoWhether a major market setback is imminent or still a ways off, the author of today’s article argues that “now is a good time to gauge how your retirement portfolio would likely hold up if the markets were to slump and make needed changes before a downturn occurs” – and he proceeds to outline a 3-step process for this. Are you more heavily invested in stocks than you think (and want) after eight years of gains? How can you ballpark the potential hit your portfolio will take during a major setback and determine what adjustments – if any – to make? CLICK HERE for more.

Income, Growth & Diversification: 3 ETFs To Consider For Retirement

2017-07-15 20_16_26-Free stock photo of bank, cash, commerceSteady income, conservative growth and diversification are the key offerings of the three exchange-traded funds for retirement highlighted in today’s article. The first ETF is a defensive dividend play, the second offers the prospect of conservative growth through broad exposure to the tech and telecom industries, and the third – a real-estate investment trust ETF – offers diversification thanks to real estate’s low correlation to the stock market. To find out what these three ETFs are and learn more about them, CLICK HERE.

How Real Estate, Latin America – And Beer! – Can Pay Dividends For Your Retirement

2017-07-10 09_55_34-Free stock photo of hands, macro, plantHow can real estate, Latin America and beer help fund your retirement? Through dividends! Today’s article highlights three dividend-paying stocks – a real-estate investment trust that has increased its dividend for more than 27 consecutive years, a beer maker that analysts expect will continue to grow earnings by at least 15% annually for the next five years, and a Latin American e-commerce specialist that – while offering a paltry yield right now – is positioned for substantial growth (and has the free cash flow to increase its payout seven-fold right now). To find out what these three stocks are, CLICK HERE.

The “Money Wizard’s” Guide To Early Retirement

2017-07-09 12_16_55-This Is Your Year Notebook · Free Stock PhotoHe became determined at an early age to achieve financial independence by age 37 – and now, at age 26 and with a net worth of approximately $150,000, he is on track to do just that. In today’s article, the so-called Money Wizard shares his savings strategy that he expects will result in $750,000 by the time he is 37, even if he never gets another raise at work! What is the Money Wizard’s primary investment goal each year? Why doesn’t he have an emergency fund? What does he call “the smartest investment I ever made”? CLICK HERE to find out.