Tax Moves To Prepare For A “Richter 9” Shift In Tax Policy

2016-11-27 19_19_01-Morguefile free photographs for commercial use“We think this is a policy shift of enormous magnitude. If Reagan was a Richter 8, this is a Richter 9.” This is how one financial planner cited in today’s article sizes up the tax changes that will come under President Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress. While the general advice is to defer income and accelerate deductions, what specific moves relating to the alternative minimum tax, charitable contributions, estate taxes and the net investment income tax are financial advisors recommending their clients make now in anticipation of impending tax reform? CLICK HERE to find out.

The “Money Mindset” That Can Help You “Buck The Late-Retirement Trend”

2016-11-27 19_15_29-Morguefile free photographs for commercial use“To do something extraordinary (like retiring at age 52), it takes extraordinary thinking,” states the author of today’s article, which seeks to identify the “money mindset” that can help one beat the odds and achieve the goal of retiring early. Using the example of her neighbor – who retired at 52 – as a guide, the author outlines a number of thought processes that can assist in making the dream of early retirement a reality. To see what these thought processes are – as well as for practical tips the author provides for each – CLICK HERE.

Will Trump Be A Boon For Health Savings Accounts?

2016-11-20 19_38_46-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useToday’s article looks at how health savings accounts (HSAs) – already seeing significant growth in popularity – may flourish even more under president-elect Trump and Republican lawmakers. Specifically, the article looks at the proposals Trump and Congressional Republicans have for HSAs and how – if enacted – “people who use these tax-advantaged plans to pay for health costs as well as investors who treat HSAs as another retirement option could benefit.” To see what Trump and the GOP are proposing in regards to HSAs – including increasing contribution limits and making it easier to pass them onto heirs – CLICK HERE.

No Silver Bullet: The Case For A “Purpose-Based” Retirement Portfolio

2016-11-20 19_35_33-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useWhen it comes to the various financial needs that people approaching retirement seek to address, the author of today’s article places them in four groups: “liquidity for emergencies, income to last a lifetime, growth for inflation protection and estate planning for our legacies.” The problem with how most people go about addressing these needs, according to the author? They jump from one investment vehicle to the next in search of a silver bullet solution to their assorted retirement woes when no such one-stop solution exists. The author advocates instead for a “purpose-based” approach to retirement portfolios. To find out what this approach entails, CLICK HERE.

Is This The Single Best Sin Stock For Retirement Portfolios?

2016-11-20 19_31_40-Morguefile free photographs for commercial use“You get a steady-eddy dividend payer backed by strong emerging market demographic trends. If that isn’t a solid retirement stock and a great sin stock, then I don’t know what is,” argues the author of today’s article in making his case for what he sees as the single best sin stock for a retirement portfolio. To find out what this sin stock – “one of the highest-yielding stocks outside of the telecom or utilities sectors” – is, why it may be the best sin stock for retirement, and why the author says that its dividend might seem “a little strange” to American investors, CLICK HERE.

Top Retirement Planning Mistakes, As Told By Financial Planners

2016-08-07 free stock photosWhen it comes to retirement planning, today’s article provides a case study in what not to do. In fact, it provides seven of them, as relayed by the financial planners who have seen people make these big retirement planning mistakes first-hand. From being too optimistic (or, conversely, too pessimistic) about one’s financial situation, to underestimating the impact taxes will have on retirement income, to not accounting for long-term care – and more – CLICK HERE to read about these “top retirement planning mistakes” and how to avoid them.

Follow The Broker: 5 Stocks With Recent Broker Rating Upgrades To Consider

2016-11-15 14_01_07-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useWhen it comes to identifying attractive stocks, today’s article recommends following broker rating upgrades: “Brokers have in depth idea about what’s happening in a particular company, as they directly communicate with the top management. Also, they exhaustively go through the company’s publicly available documents and attend conference calls.” The authors screened for stocks that have seen broker rating upgrades in the last four weeks (and which met additional criteria such as trading above $15 and having large trading volumes). To see five of the stocks this screen produced and their respective upward revisions in broker ratings, CLICK HERE.

The Donald & Your Retirement: How The Trump Presidency May Impact Social Security, Financial Advice And More

2016-11-13 14_38_17-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useToday’s article notes that while, “as a candidate, Donald Trump barely mentioned America’s retirement crisis…As president, he will have enormous power over the issue, bolstered by Republican control of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.” So in what ways might the impending Trump presidency affect the retirements of Americans? The author looks at the impact his administration may have on Social Security, financial advice, automatic IRAs and 401(k)s. To read more – including how Trump’s proposed tax cuts might impact Social Security and what the fate of the fiduciary rule set forth by President Obama’s Department of Labor may be – CLICK HERE.

“Ripe For Misrepresentation And Confusion”: Why Retirees Should Proceed Slowly With These Two Investment Products

2016-11-06 19_23_26-Films & TVWhen it comes to two insurance products that might appear attractive to retirees in this low interest rate environment, today’s article cautions that prospective buyers should look carefully before leaping into these complicated investments. The two products at issue? Indexed annuities and indexed universal life insurance. Here’s what one advisor cited in the article has to say: “With indexed annuities and indexed universal life insurance, the marketing pitch is always that you get all of the upside of equities and have guarantees…It’s really misleading.” To read more about these two products – including who they can be good fits for, their potential limitations and where things get complicated – CLICK HERE.

Is This 5-Stock Dividend Aristocrat Portfolio The “Stairway To A Comfortable Retirement”?

2016-11-06 19_20_27-Films & TVIn today’s article the author lays out “an easy way to use the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats – companies that have hiked their dividends for 25 years straight or more – to build a durable income stream you can retire on.” Specifically, he presents a five-stock Dividend Aristocrat portfolio with the potential to generate $112k of retirement income from a $500k portfolio. To read more about this portfolio – including which five Aristocrats it is comprised of and why, income growth projections and the “secret weapon” that can be used to counter inflation – CLICK HERE.