The Retirement Plan Lawsuit Wave

2016-08-27 free stock photosThere have been a mounting number of class-action lawsuits of late over the retirement savings plans offered by corporations and institutions such as universities. Against this backdrop, today’s article examines some of the main allegations at the heart of many of these lawsuits, thus identifying ways in which plan sponsors can shortchange retirement savers in general. From excessive fees, to offering too much choice, to financial companies “self-dealing” their own (poor) mutual funds, CLICK HERE to read more about what is driving this deluge of lawsuits – and what all retirement plan participants need to be cognizant of.

New IRS Guidance Could Save Your Nest Egg

2016-08-27 free stock photos“This is a big deal and it will help a lot of people,” declares a certified public accountant in today’s article on the Internal Revenue Service’s easing of a rule that previously had retirement savers who exceeded the 60-day window for IRA rollovers face substantial taxes and penalties. Under the new relaxed guidance, retirement savers who do not roll over retirement funds before the 60-day deadline “can avoid the dire tax treatment in certain circumstances.” To read more about this change – including what those “certain circumstances” are – CLICK HERE.

Safety First: 10 Bear-Market-Safe Dividend Stocks For Retirees

2016-08-21 free stock photosThe current bull market is the second-longest in history and has continued to reach new highs of late, but as today’s article acknowledges, sooner or later all good things must come to an end. As such, it highlights 10 high-quality dividend stocks that retirees might want to have in their portfolios when the good times do end, as they are considered “bear market beater[s]”. To see what these 10 stocks are and why they are less sensitive to the overall state of the economy than other dividend stocks, CLICK HERE.

Alternatives To Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance

2016-08-21 free stock photosWhen it comes to traditional long-term care insurance, the author of today’s article acknowledges that “for the typical retired couple in the United States, $3,200 a year is a meaningful expense. Especially when they are paying for something that they might never use.” As such, he provides an overview of how the insurance industry has changed over the last several years, offering alternative products in order to respond to the fact that many people are not buying the insurance that they will need due to its “use it or lose it” nature. To read more about these options – “linked-benefit” life insurance products, long-term care annuity products and accelerated death-benefits, CLICK HERE.

Programming Your Retirement GPS

2016-08-21 free stock photosOf the retirement savings of American retirees and soon-to-be retirees the author of today’s article cites that “over half (54%) of “Boomers & Seniors” report savings and investments that fall far short of the typical yardsticks for their age group.” While the usual recommendations for individuals in this position are well-known (e.g. work longer), the author suggests a more “unusual” step to consider: pulling up stakes and moving to a state where retirees can get the most bang for their buck. What are the 10 best states with the lowest costs affecting retirees, as ranked by GOBankingRates, and why? CLICK HERE to find out.

The Perfect ETF-Based Retirement Strategy?

2016-08-14 free stock photosThe author of today’s article highlights three ETFs that, together, he believes provide the perfect retirement strategy. How? One invests in short-term, investment-grade bonds, one invests in high-yielding dividend stocks, and one invests in the top growing companies in the S&P 500. Here’s what the author has to say: “With a three-pronged strategy of bond, dividend growth, and capital growth-focused investments from these ETFs, you can balance your short-term need for income with your longer-term need for growth. That combination can give your retirement portfolio the tools it needs to put more money in your pocket throughout your retirement.” To find out what these three ETFs are, and to read more about how to effectively manage them for a secure retirement, CLICK HERE.

Retirement Don’ts And Don’ts

2016-08-14 free stock photos“How can I avoid making poor decisions that seem right at the time but will come back to bite me?” This is the question the author of today’s article believes is the real question we should be asking ourselves as we get closer to – and enter into – retirement. As such, he outlines five don’ts for pre-retirees and retirees – situations in which he believes that not doing something makes better sense than changing paths. To find out what these retirement don’ts are – including financial don’ts (e.g. Don’t become too cautious as an investor) and personal don’ts (e.g. Don’t jump at the first opportunity you see to keep busy in retirement) – CLICK HERE.

3 Retirement Stocks To Consider

2016-08-14 free stock photosNot excessively risky. Strong and growing dividends. The potential to appreciate over the long run. These are three of the characteristics investors look for when choosing retirement stocks and, as such, are true of the stocks highlighted in today’s article in which the three contributors each identify a retirement stock they believe readers should consider buying this month. To find out what these three retirement stocks – a railroad company, a self-storage powerhouse and “the best REIT specializing in data centers on the market today” – are, CLICK HERE.

Being A Homebody With Your 401(k): A Bad Idea?

2016-08-07 free stock photos“Among investors, familiarity…breeds comfort. And that can be dangerous,” states today’s article which cautions against allowing the company you work for to build up a concentrated position in your 401(k). Why does the author view this as “piling risk upon risk”, what cautionary examples – such as that of Kinder Morgan – does he point to as making his case, and what does he suggest you might want to consider doing if your company offers a discount stock-purchase plan for employees? CLICK HERE to read more.

Cliffs Notes On “The Truth About Retirement”

2016-08-07 free stock photosThere’s a new special on retirement – The Truth About Retirement – that begins airing on public television stations this month that the author of today’s article recommends tuning into. The program, from financial planner Ric Edelman, focuses on investing, Social Security claiming and estate planning strategies for a secure retirement. However, if you want a sneak peek (or just the basics in written form), today’s article provides an overview of the investing section of the show. What is Edelman’s best piece of investing advice? What is his case against trying to time the stock market? What counterintuitive piece of advice may be the smartest but also the hardest to do? And why does Edelman urge caution regarding annuities? CLICK HERE to find out.