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The 3 Best Income-Producing Stocks To Buy If You’re Starving For Cash

Investors truly starving for cash probably aren’t going to be investing in stocks at all. Investors looking for the best income-producing stocks to buy are more likely to be willing to accept a bit more risk for the potential upside return. They’re going to be looking for yields above 5%, indicating higher risk, but unwilling to invest in shares with dividends yielding 10% to 20% or higher: Those shares are simply too susceptible to sharp reductions in price and dividend yields. 

Instead, the stocks listed below are in something of a goldilocks zone: They include dividends with yields above 5%, ranging as high as 8%, and upside based on their respective target stock prices.  

These shares benefit from a reasonable expectation of capital preservation and appreciation. Their prices are unlikely to decline substantially. They have the added benefit of dividends greater than 5%.

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