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Bear Market 2022: The Ultimate Guide For Investors

Throughout 2022, two of the most popular terms among investors have been “inflation” and “recession.” But much of the focus on these economic turbulence indicators seems to circle back to one common theme: that of a bear market. Generally recognized as a harbinger of poor economic conditions, a bear market tends to frighten most investors. And while a bear market often means a significant dip in stock prices, that does not necessarily mean that a recession is imminent.

In this InvestorPlace Ultimate Guide, we’re going to break down exactly what a bear market is, what it means for markets, and what investors can do to protect their portfolios right now. We’re also going to cover the types of investments that often do the best job holding up when a bear market is raging.

Simply follow this guide and make savvy portfolio moves to end up on the right side of the storm!

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