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7 Stocks To Buy On The Fed’s Climate Change Concerns

As major political winds decisively turn green, investors may want to consider doubling down now on sector-relevant stocks to buy. Recently, CNBC published a report noting that “[t]he six largest banks in the U.S. have until the end of July to show the impact that climate change could have on their operations.”

Whether you agree or disagree with the science of climate change and the proposed mechanisms to mitigate and reverse it, if the Federal Reserve is weighing in on the matter, we all need to pay attention. Indeed, if you happen to be opposed to the politicization of climate change, this juncture offers an opportunity to practice agnostic emotion-free investing.

Basically, the major institutions have made up their mind that climate change is real and that it’s worth addressing. From that perspective, then, it is a real problem (even if it’s not). Therefore, investors will want to key in on the following stocks to buy.

This post appeared on Dynamic Wealth Report.