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7 S&P 500 Sleeper Stocks To Buy Before Wall Street Wakes Up

With the major indices flashing red for the year, contrarian investors may want to turn to these S&P 500 sleeper stocks before the rest of the crowd wakes up. Fundamentally, bear market cycles provide excellent wealth-building opportunities. Effectively, new market participants can load up on high-potential equities, waiting for a boon to materialize.

An index that tracks the performance of 500 large companies listed in U.S. exchanges, this arena gives you greater probabilities of eventual upside. As blue chips, these market ideas command business models with long track records of success.

In addition, the following S&P 500 sleeper stocks feature relevant solutions. Because of the current dour environment, Wall Street has trouble seeing the forest for the trees. But over the long run, these companies may gain positive traction.

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