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2 Video Game Stocks For Your June 2023 Watchlist

Imagine walking into a virtual world where you can battle mythical creatures, design magnificent cities, or solve intricate puzzles. That’s the realm of the entertainment sector, specifically, video game stocks. Video game companies design, develop and sell video games, a form of entertainment that has exploded in popularity over the past few decades. Today, they are a multi-billion dollar industry that spans across platforms like consoles (think PlayStation or Xbox), PCs, and increasingly, mobile devices. These companies also often develop hardware, such as gaming consoles, and sometimes even host online multiplayer platforms.

The business of video games is more complex than just making a game and selling it, though. These companies rely on a variety of revenue streams, including game sales, subscriptions to online services, in-game purchases (like buying a new outfit for your character), and even advertising. Some companies also earn income from esports, a competitive gaming scene that draws massive online audiences and big-name sponsors.

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