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Looking For Easy Oil Stocks?

Oil-drumsWith so many oil stocks to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones are winners and which are…well…losers. Today’s article discusses three “no brainer” oil stocks chosen by Kelley Wright, the editor of the Investment Quality Trends advisory service, that you may want to look into. “To come up with his list of compelling oil stocks, Wright eliminates from consideration any that don’t jump over at least five of the following six hurdles:

  • Has increased its dividend at least five times over the past dozen years
  • Has an S&P Quality Ranking in the “A” category
  • Has at least 5 million shares outstanding
  • Has at least 80 institutional investors
  • Has paid dividends for at least 25 straight years
  • Has produced higher earnings per share in at least seven of the past dozen years…”

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